‘Tis the season for reflection and, keeping with tradition, we are revisiting the most viewed – and listened to – R&R editorial content from 2021. This year we have expanded our purview, adding two categories (news stories and podcast episodes) and sharing top-15 lists instead of top-10.  

Without further ado, here are the most popular articles, authors, news stories, videos and podcast episodes on the R&R website from January through December of 2021. If you are eager for more year-in-review content, check out our collection of restoration industry SWOT analyses from 13 industry thought leaders and our top 2021 takeaways video.

Most-Viewed Contributed Articles 

  1. The Format for Successful Fire Damage Restoration Estimates
  2. What Equipment Do I Need to Start a Water Damage Restoration Company?
  3. What is "Acceptable" Dry?
  4. What to Expect: Your First Day on a Construction Site
  5. Property Restoration Trends: Mergers and Acquisitions
  6. 2021 Restoration Industry Trends | Part 1
  7. 5 Types of Smoke Damage and How to Treat Them
  8. Don't Mess with Texas Contract Law
  9. The Results Are In: Analysis 1,000 Bad Online Reviews of Restoration Companies & Why They Happen
  10. 2021 Restoration Industry Trends | Part 2
  11. Top Liability Money Traps to Avoid In 2021
  12. Overhead & Profit: The 10 and 10 Myth | Part 1
  13. The Wonderful World of Containment
  14. Overhead & Profit: The 10 & 10 Myth | Part 2
  15. Hidden Hazards in Floods: Asbestos

Most Popular Authors

  1. Annissa Coy
  2. Mark Gibson
  3. Jon Isaacson
  4. Tom McArdle
  5. Lisa Lavender
  6. Idan Shpizear
  7. David Hart
  8. David Dybdahl
  9. Tim Bauer
  10. Russ McCubbin
  11. Michael Pinto
  12. Rebecca Grudt
  13. Sean Scott
  14. James Copeland
  15. D. Kevin McNew

Most-Viewed News Stories

  1. Major U.S. Restoration Companies Unify Under One Name: FIRST ONSITE
  2. EagleView Awarded $375M in Lawsuit Against Xactware
  3. ATI Restoration Enters New Markets with Acquisition of ProCare Solutions
  4. BluSky Restoration Announces New Investment Partners, Kohlberg & Company and Partners Group
  5. BluSky Restoration Announces "BluSky Quality Assurance Pledge"
  6. ‘A Very Major Event’: Next Gear Solutions Acquired By CoreLogic
  7. Advanced DRI Announces Merger with Fairfield, N.J.’s A. Molly Company
  8. Aramsco Acquires E.A. Morse & Co.
  9. Xactware Delivers Statement Following CoreLogic Acquisition of Next Gear Solutions
  10. ATI Restoration Shortens the Insurance Claims Cycle by 400% With Matterport
  11. Jon-Don Acquired by Incline Equity Partners
  12. First Onsite Property Restoration Acquires Indianapolis-Based Moore Restoration
  13. RestorePro Expands North Carolina Footprint with Greensboro Office
  14. New Restoration 1 Franchise Model Lowers Cost of Entry
  15. Neighborly Named One of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies by Inc. Magazine

Most-Viewed Videos (Non-Ask the Expert)

  1. The Format for Successful Fire Damage Restoration Estimates
  2. Should You Sell Your Restoration Business during a Pandemic?
  3. Young Leaders in Restoration Share Their “Why”
  4. #1 Mistake Made by Owners Selling Their Restoration Company
  5. Property Restoration Pros Share Their Toughest Jobs
  6. Contents Restoration Behind the Scenes: Inside a Massive Blue Kangaroo Packoutz Facility
  7. Ask Annissa: Land Fire Damage Jobs Without Chasing!
  8. What Are Proper Uses and Techniques for Dry Sponges?
  9. Celebrating Women in Restoration: Advice
  10. When Someone Dies Alone | A Video Case Study
  11. Ask Annissa: Ask the Attorney
  12. Redefining Containment for Mold Remediation and Asbestos Removal
  13. Cross Examination: Don't Mess with Texas Contract Law
  14. Young Leaders in Restoration Share Words of Wisdom
  15. Celebrating Women in Restoration: Favorite Things

Most-Downloaded Ask the Expert Podcast Episodes

  1. Ask the Expert: The Industry Stance on Pricing
  2. Niche Clientele + Napoleon's Table
  3. How to Treat Field Technicians as Assets
  4. Real Stories: Restorer’s Digest With Sean Scott
  5. Ask the Expert: Trending Topics in Restoration
  6. FIRST ONSITE: Building a Billion Dollar Brand
  7. Real Stories: Jim Kowalski on Competing as a Family-Run Restoration Business in a Landscape of Franchises
  8. A Next-Level Approach to Forensic Restoration Training
  9. What Do Workers Want from Restoration Companies?
  10. The Show Must Go On | Safety Measures at Trade Shows in 2020
  11. Next Gear Solutions Founder, CEO Talks Being Acquired by CoreLogic
  12. Future Leaders in Restoration Roundtable
  13. Annual Business Planning 101 for Property Restoration Contractors
  14. Real Stories: Advancing Women and Minorities in Restoration and Remediation with Jennifer Todd
  15. Media Blasting in Restoration: What Every Contractor Should Know