It has been another fantastic year for R&R! Thank you to every single person who has read an article, shared an article, offered feedback, run an ad, sent us a video, contributed an article and so on ... you are all what make this magazine the thought leader that it is in the restoration industry!

Let's take a journey back through the most popular R&R content from 2016!

Top 10 Print Articles

  1. Case Study Contest 2016
  2. 13 Future Trends in the Restoration Industry
  3. Don't Skip Steps: Mastering Odor Removal During Smoke Damage Restoration
  4. Blast It! Breaking Down the Types of Media Blasting
  5. A Restoration Industry Divide
  6. Flood Losses: Top 10 Things Restorers Must Know when Handling FEMA Claims
  7. The Important Place for Mold Stain Removers
  8. Effective Use of Hydroxyl Radicals for Fire Restoration
  9. Crime Scene Restoration: Not for the Faint of Heart
  10. Restorer's Perspective: Are You Still Killing Mold?

Top 10 Web Exclusive Articles (A.K.A. Stuff you could only find on!)

  1. How Many Remediation Customers are Susceptible to Mold Illness?
  2. 5 Safe Methods to Properly Remove Mold
  3. 13 Future Trends UPDATE: Struggling Franchises & Increase Bureaucracy
  4. Most Common Mold Myths: Unraveling the Truth for Your Customers
  5. R&R Fire Damage Restoration Quiz
  6. Understanding Heat Drying: The Clothes Dryer vs. The Restorative Dryer
  7. Successfully Marketing Your Restoration Company on Social Media
  8. Finding that "Sweet Spot" in Heat Drying During Restoration
  9. Why Are Water Damage Restoration Jobs SO Difficult to Find?
  10. Restoring Success: Employee Morale Year-Round

Top 5 Ask Annissa Video Columns

  1. Ask Annissa: Ozone vs. Hydroxyl
  2. Ask Annissa: How to Clean Marijuana Residue Off Walls
  3. Ask Annissa: Who is Responsible to Pay the Bill - Carrier or Homeowner?
  4. Ask Annissa: Are You Prepared for a CAT Loss Scenario?
  5. Ask Annissa: The 4 Biggest Mistakes Restorers Can Make

Top 5 Videos

  1. Timelapse: Hydroxyl Radicals & Smoke Damage Restoration
  2. Finding Your FitThe Franchise Way | The Independent Way
  3. Morgue Cleaning Trailer
  4. Marketing Minute: Meet O.P. & Tim!
  5. Coach's Corner: A New Video Series on Creating Success in Your Restoration Business