Every year, it's fun to look back and see what articles, videos, and topics were the most popular on our website throughout the year. It often points to trends and hot topics in the industry, what your competition might be thinking about, and also indicates what your customers might be searching for on Google!

Here's a breakdown of the most popular elements of R&R in 2019, based on website stats! Enjoy!

Top Articles of 2019 (Overall, including those appearing in print and web-exclusives)

  1. The Death of 3-Day Drying | Part 1
  2. BELFOR Holdings Inc. Acquired by American Securities
  3. Today's Insurance Market for Restoration and Remediation Contractors
  4. Does Cleaning Mold from Carpet Work?
  5. SERVPRO Acquired by Blackstone
  6. Mold Restoration: Don't Forget the Mycotoxins
  7. The Death of 3-Day Drying | Part 2: The Liability
  8. The Keodalah Claim: What It Could Mean for Restorers
  9. Appropriate Compensation in Today's Job Market
  10. The Cost of Doing Business: Determining Your Own Pricing

Top Web-Exclusive Articles

  1. Mold Restoration: Don't Forget the Mycotoxins
  2. The Keodalah Claim: What It Could Mean for Restorers
  3. Mold Remediation: Don't Forget the Ducts
  4. Property Restoration Company Acquisitions
  5. Restoration Roundup: Deadly Flooding, SERVPRO's Possible Acquisition, and More
  6. Habits of Xactimate Estimating Success
  7. Are Hydroxyl Generators Safe for Odor Removal?
  8. Mold Prevention and Remediation in HVAC Systems
  9. Restoring Success: When People Don't Follow Directions
  10. Capturing Spaces in 3D to Help Customers Recover Faster

Most Popular Authors

  1. Michelle Blevins
  2. Annissa Coy
  3. Rebecca Grudt
  4. Jon Isaacson
  5. Michael Pinto
  6. David Dybdahl
  7. Tom McArdle
  8. Tim Bauer
  9. Kris Rzesnoski
  10. Lisa Lavender

Most-Watched Editorial Videos

  1. Ask the Expert: Smoke Odor Removal Tips Using Hydroxyl Generators
  2. Ask Annissa: Ozone vs. Hydroxyl
  3. Ask Annissa: Thermal Fogging - Yes or No?
  4. Ask Annissa: How Do You Handle an Adjuster Who Won't Pay?
  5. Ask Annissa: Handling Laundry, Non-Salvageable Items, & Appliances
  6. Ask Annissa: The Mortgage Holder Wants a Piece of the Check!
  7. Ask Annissa: Don't Leave Money on the Table During Structure Cleaning
  8. Ask Annissa: A Restorer's Nightmare
  9. Ask Annissa: How to Clean Marijuana Residue Off Walls
  10. Habits of Xactimate Estimating Success

Most Popular Topics

  1. Remediation Zone
  2. Restoration Zone
  3. Managing Your Restoration Business
  4. Web-Exclusive Features
  5. Restoration Innovations/Technologies
  6. Restoration Training/Education
  7. Restoration and Remediation Industry News
  8. Odor Removal
  9. Restoration Insurance/Legal Issues
  10. Breaking News