When a house floods, the clock starts ticking to get the situation under control to prevent secondary damage to the property. While restoration contractors are experts in handling 24/7 emergencies, their swiftness to help the homeowner means that paperwork usually comes second. This often includes the kick-starter task of getting the actual estimate written. 

Though it sometimes feels like it isn’t, it is possible to provide excellent customer service and produce paperwork that’s on point — it’s not necessary to sacrifice one or the other. In fact, fast and accurate estimates can yield an array of positive business results: 


1. Helps get homeowners' lives back to normal faster (the #1 priority)

Most restorers number one priority is to help restore normalcy to their customers' lives as quickly as possible. Providing quick and accurate mitigation estimates helps speed up what might be a stressful process for your client. It also builds trust, establishing your business as capable and professional. Customers are satisfied, leading to word-of-mouth referrals, and in turn, you can take on more business and serve your community. 


2. Decreases the chance of conflict 

Most restoration contractors work with insurance carriers — whether directly, through a managed repair network, or for a homeowner filing an insurance claim. Recent years have seen rising conflicts between contractors and carriers — friction in the claims process frustrates everyone — but steps can be taken to stay conflict-free with clearer communication. 

Restorers and insurance carriers alike operate on tight schedules. Having the mitigation estimate ready on the first day gives up-front clarity on the extent of the property damage and what efforts will be required to restore it, and showcases efficiency and responsiveness. This is an excellent way for restorers to build positive relationships with adjusters, prevent misunderstandings, and increase the likelihood of future work.

3. Reduces claim costs and speeds up approvals 

Timely mitigation estimates allow adjusters to accurately assess the scope of the damage, compare it with the policy, and communicate approvals or disputes. Prompt estimates mean reducing delays and contributing to a faster and smoother claims cycle. With this out of the way earlier, contractors can continue to perform a high-quality service ‌knowing they’ll be paid for it, and carriers can control their costs – a win-win for everyone.

What’s the biggest barrier to fast estimates? 

Every estimate starts with a sketch. So, how sketchy are your sketches?  

llegible hand-drawn sketches, missed measurements, and inconsistencies are the biggest blockers to getting fast and accurate estimates written.

If you are looking for ways to start estimates faster, using a digital tool for sketching is a strong place to start. Make sure that the tool you choose makes the sketching process fast, easy, and accurate. A tool like Encircle Floor Plan delivers professional floor plans into Xactimate sketches in 90 mins on average, and it’s worth exploring if you’re looking for practical solutions to get your estimates written and submitted faster… and you want to reap some of the benefits listed above.

Learn how you can import Encircle floor plans directly into Xactimate for instant sketches