Every year, it's fun to look back and see what articles, videos, and topics were the most popular on our website throughout the year. It often points to trends and hot topics in the industry (hello, year of the pandemic), what your competition might be thinking about, and also indicates what your customers might be searching for on Google!

Here's a breakdown of the most popular elements of R&R in 2020, based on website stats! Enjoy!

Most-Read Articles of 2020

  1. Ozone vs. Coronavirus: Ozone’s Efficacy as a Virucidal Disinfectant
  2. Coronavirus: Understanding Disinfection Options
  3. Stop Wishing Things Would Go Back to Normal; Wish for This Instead
  4. How To Insure Your Virus Cleaning and Disinfecting Services
  5. The Death of 3 Day Drying | Moving the Conversation Forward
  6. Disinfection for Coronavirus
  7. How to Manage Indoor Air Quality Amid COVID-19
  8. R&R Roundtable: Mold Remediation
  9. The Death of 3 Day Drying: Muscle Cars & Drying Equipment
  10. The Death of 3 Day Drying (Continued): Air Mover Explanation & Calculations

Most Popular Authors

  1. Annissa Coy
  2. David Hart
  3. Jon Isaacson
  4. David Dybdahl
  5. Tom McArdle
  6. Lisa Lavender
  7. Kris Rzesnoski
  8. Ross Driscoll, Jr.
  9. Idan Shpizear
  10. Michael Pinto

Most-Watched Editorial Videos

  1. Coronavirus Response: What Restorers Need to Know on Disinfection, Liability, & More
  2. Coronavirus: Proper Disinfection Protocols from Leading Forensic Restoration Expert | VIDEO!
  3. Ask Annissa: How NOT to Respond to Coronavirus Disinfection Requests 
  4. Ask the Expert: Enhanced Cleaning for Coronavirus 
  5. Ask the Expert: Coronavirus Contents Cleaning Tips 
  6. ATI's Coordinated Coronavirus Response 
  7. Ask the Expert: Orchestrating an Effective Coronavirus Response | VIDEO! 
  8. The 2020 R&R Ladder Award Winner: Nicole Humber
  9. 5th Annual Women in Restoration Award Winner: Cara Driscoll 
  10. Ask the Expert: Liability Insurance Recommendations for Coronavirus Cleaning