Every year, it's fun to look back and see what articles, videos, and topics were the most popular on our website throughout the year. It often points to trends and hot topics in the industry, what your competition might be thinking about, and also indicates what your customers might be searching for on Google!

Here's a breakdown of the most popular elements of R&R in 2017, based on website stats! Enjoy!

Top Articles of 2017

  1. Case Study Contest: Vote for Your Favorite!
  2. State of the Restoration Industry 2017
  3. 6 Changes Happening Now Inside the Property Claims Industry
  4. B-Air Makes Announcement to "Shake Up' Water Damage Restoration Industry
  5. National Flood Program Requirements for Flood Damage Estimates
  6. Fentanyl Lab Cleanup & the Growing Need for Educated Remediators
  7. An Experiment Concerning the Effectiveness of a Structural Drying Approach
  8. Known When to Say No in Mold Remediation Projects
  9. Hydroxyl Radicals: Truths vs. Myths
  10. 9 Smoke Odor Removal Musts

R&R Top All-Time Articles

  1. What You Need to Know About Hydroxyl Generators
  2. The 12 Steps of Meth Lab Cleanup
  3. Concrete: When Do You Know It's Dry?
  4. Don't Skip Steps: Mastering Odor Removal during Smoke Damage Restoration
  5. The IICRC S500 Approach to Determining Initial Equipment Usage
  6. Six Top Marketing Tactics for Restoration Companies
  7. What You Need to Know About Vehicle Biohazard Remediation
  8. Making Mortgage Companies Work with You (and Beating the Money Out of Them If They Don't)
  9. 13 Future Trends in the Restoration Industry
  10. Flood Losses: Top 10 Things Restorers Must Know When Handling FEMA Claims

Top 2017 Authors

  1. Lisa Lavender
  2. Annissa Coy
  3. Michael A. Pinto CSP, CMP
  4. David Dybdahl
  5. Tim Hull, CR
  6. Dan Bernazzani
  7. David Hart
  8. Chuck Boutall
  9. Mark Gibson
  10. Chris Spensley

Top 2017 Videos

  1. Restoration Efforts Well Underway in Texas; How YOU Can Help
  2. Ask Annissa: How Long Should it Take to Get Paid?
  3. Ask Annissa: 4 Things to Consider Before Sending Crews to Texas
  4. Coach's Corner: The Best Test Series - Ditching the Excuse Wagon
  5. Ask Annissa: Best Way to Ask Insurance Agents for Referrals
  6. Ask Annissa: As a Newbie, I Wish I Had Known ____
  7. CAT Work 101: Florida Mold Laws, Xactimate, Getting Paid & More
  8. Ask Annissa: When the Adjuster Doesn't Want to Pay You
  9. Catastrophic Flooding: How IICRC-Certified Firms Can Prepare and Respond
  10. Violand Vault: Negotiating Strategies for Project Managers

Top 2017 Web-Exclusive Articles

  1. National Flood Program Requirements for Flood Damage Estimates
  2. Hydroxyl Radicals: Truths vs. Myths
  3. An Easy Overview of the New ANSI/IICRC S540 Standard for Trauma & Crime Scene Cleanup
  4. Understanding Mold Stain Removal
  5. Fentanyl Labs: A New, Potentially Dangerous Frontier for Remediators
  6. 4 Reminders for Restoration Pros during the Start of Every Project
  7. The 3 Steps of Mold Remediation
  8. QUIZ! Test Your Flood Damage Restoration Knowledge
  9. Restoring Success: Building a Solid Foundation for Success with Program Work
  10. Restoring Success: The Oddball Tools in a Restorer's Toolbox