The WDR (Water Damage Restoration) industry has been growing for several decades, but has lingered when taking risks to evolve with new forms of technology and methods to increase the overall efficiency and equipment quality as compared to the automobile, retail and consumer electronics industries.

Several large companies have dominated the WDR industry for the last few years working with national distributors making it difficult for contractors to have access to reputable suppliers offering quality equipment and value. With the advancements in technology and the Internet, significant changes have occurred in various industries with similar landscapes such as Netflix, who revolutionized the cable industry and Amazon who transformed the go-to market retail strategy. Consumers have greater transparency and accessibility allowing them to make better-informed choices.

One of the most vivid examples of this type of industrial shift is the rise of The Home Depot, which reformed the home improvement industry offering a wide selection of merchandise, low prices and exemplary customer service to both the professional contractor and the do-it-yourself customer. Before this change, specialized stores and distributors dominated the industry selling primarily to the professional contractor. The Home Depot made the entire shopping process much simpler by providing all the supplies at a lower cost in one place and offering consumer checkout options like the Pro-Desk that cater to contractors. In effect, changing the retail electrical industry, lumber industry and other similar industries that now distribute their products almost exclusively through large hardware chains.

The WDR industry is getting ready to see a complete transformation of its own with the use of online shopping giving contractors direct access to the best equipment with bulk pricing. On May 1, a new era will begin with the recent partnership of B-Air, long time water damage equipment provider, and The Home Depot. The Home Depot will be offering bulk pricing online and at the Pro-Desk with B-Air water damage equipment for quick on-the-job deliveries in addition to flexible pay and attractive credit card features from The Home Depot. From this partnership contractors will now have access to WDR equipment through The Home Depot ‘s 2,000-plus stores nationwide, making it a one-stop shop. Initial reaction by industry experts and contractors has been very positive who recognize the transformation this will bring for all.

As it has been proven in other industries, time and technology wait for no man and no company. There is a major revolution growing within the WDR industry and companies will have to choose whether to join the advancement or be left behind. It’s a choice we all have to make.