Every year, it's fun to look back and see what articles, videos, and topics were the most popular on our website throughout the year. It often points to trends and hot topics in the industry, what your competition might be thinking about, and also indicates what your customers might be searching for on Google!

Here's a breakdown of the most popular elements of R&R in 2018, based on website stats! Enjoy!

Top Print Articles (based on web views)

  1. The Legend of 3-Day Drying
  2. Chinese Drywall: Big Problem Yields Big Opportunity
  3. Cleaning and Removing Marijuana Residue and Odor
  4. Odor Control: Everything You Need to Know
  5. A New Way of Doing Disaster Board-ups
  6. Remote Monitoring: Embracing New Innovations in Water Damage Restoration
  7. 6 Tips to Avoid Burnout in the Restoration Industry
  8. Toxic Exposure: Structure Fire Restoration
  9. The 7 Steps of Forensic Restoration after Unattended Death
  10. Restorer's Perspective: We are the Rebels

Top Web-Exclusive Articles

  1. The 80/20 Rule and Profitability of Mold Remediation
  2. The 10 Commandments of Xactimate Estimating Success
  3. The Importance of Proper Containment during Mold Remediation
  4. Chlorine Dioxide: The Future of Odor Removal
  5. Industry Study: Employee Engagement. Burnout in Disaster Restoration
  6. The Difference Between a Sales and Marketing Person in the Restoration Industry
  7. Tackling Fire Damage Odor Removal at a Massive Indoor Sports Facility
  8. 10 Strategies for Coping with Short-Staffing
  9. 4 Easy Ways to Maximize Hydroxyl Generator Efficacy

Top Videos

  1. Ask Annissa: Lienholders on Checks
  2. Ask Annissa: The O&P Debate
  3. Ask Annissa: Does Xactimate Pricing Stink?
  4. Ask Annissa: Finding Mutually Beneficial Partnerships
  5. Marketing Minute: Self-Limiting Beliefs
  6. Ask Annissa: When the Insured Thinks They Won the Lottery
  7. Florida Restoration Company Ramping Up after Hurricane Michael
  8. Ask Annissa: Best Advice for the Restoration Newbie
  9. Ask Annissa: 3 Ways to Find Good Employees for Your Restoration Business
  10. Violand Vault: Overcoming Bad Online Reviews (and Getting GOOD Ones!)

Top Contributing Authors (of all time, not just 2018)

  1. Rebecca Grudt
  2. Annissa Coy
  3. Russ McCubbin
  4. Tim Bauer
  5. Tom McArdle
  6. David Dybdahl
  7. Jim Holland
  8. Michael Pinto
  9. Edward Cross
  10. John Braun