In O.P. and Tim's last video, there was a bit of a rude interruption - and issue with a mom and child who happened to walk into the background of the video. That confrontation and reaction is part of what inspired this week's video.

Whether you know it or not, we all have pre-conditioned self-limiting beliefs. Think about our parents telling us not to talk to strangers - does that make our sales and business development calls harder today because we are instantly uncomfortable speaking with strangers? Were you told once, perhaps as a child, that you couldn't do something? What if you really COULD do it, and do it well!

Kicking out self-limiting beliefs will help you grow tenfold professionally and personally. 

O.P. Almaraz and Tim Bauer are the masterminds behind Allied Restoration and Restoration Mastery. This dynamic duo believes you can morph your restoration company into whatever you want it to be. Over time, they’ve created what’s now called the restoration company for the stars – a boutique firm in L.A. that specializes in doing restoration for celebrities and high-end clients. In addition to Allied Restoration, Tim and O.P. are passionate about helping other restorers grow their companies, which is why they created Restoration Mastery, and their three-day life-changing Warrior Weekend events.