On Sept. 21, 2021, following the Sept. 15 acquisition of Next Gear Solutions by CoreLogic, Xactware President Mike Fulton authored an email to Xactware customers, which read:

"You count on Xactware products to be the solid bedrock of claims estimating, management and collaboration. And the market is evolving. As mergers and new acquisitions occur, you may find yourself wondering how Xactware and Verisk intend to navigate third-party access with the Verisk ecosystem and how our products or your own workflows may be impacted.

Rest assured, we remain committed to an open ecosystem based on sound data protection and security to enable workflows that are important for you and your business. And as stewards of safeguarding data, we strive to work with integration partners who share this commitment and maintain our high standards.

Xactware and Verisk believe in vigorous competition in our free enterprise economy, which serves to not only provide our customers market choice, but also to accelerate our continuing efforts to innovate and develop enhancements to existing industry-leading products, including those that leverage Verisk AI and Automation (Vai) technology. Examples include the new XactScope tools within Xactimate that streamline water mitigation work and estimation for exteriors and roofs, as well as estimate auditing and scoring to meet your needs. Other home-grown advances include object recognition technology for building contents inventories, and the application of AR (Augmented Reality) and Lidar technologies for obtaining measurements in Xactimate Sketch. And much more is in development. All of which are included in your Professional license of Xactimate at no additional charge.

So while the technology industry changes, you can count on Xactware and Verisk to support your workflows, continue to innovate on your behalf, safeguard your data — and most importantly — listen to and work closely with our valued customers.

We look forward to innovating on your behalf for many years to come.

Mike Fulton
President | Xactware"


Xactware, a Verisk company, provides computer software solutions for professionals involved in estimating all phases of building and repair. In 1986, Xactware opened for business with Xactimate, its flagship estimating system. Since then, Xactware has evolved to offer software solutions for phases of a building's life: from remodeling to replacing, from determining the cost of rebuilding a structure to preserving and repairing a home. Xactware also provides tools to estimate personal property, emergency repairs and more. Xactware users can work on a desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or "on the cloud" using browser-based solutions. Estimating products are connected to a set of tools that includes an assignment network, analytical reports, cost research, project management and third-party products.