BluSky Restoration Contractors, LLC, a leading national property restoration company in the U.S., today announced the BluSky Quality Assurance Pledge (BQAP), a multi-part commitment to customers and their communities, which formalizes the company’s long-standing commitment to excellence across all of its operations and articulates the rigorous requirements its trade partners and subcontractors must meet.

As part of BQAP, BluSky expands its existing oversight programs to ensure that its trade partners pass a stringent vetting process, are keeping their workers safe, and are paying them fairly, accurately, and on time.

Included in the vetting process is a series of reference and safety checks, verification of insurance and licensing requirements, and compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations. Trade partners and labor providers will annually receive a Quality Assurance Certification from the firm.

“Implementing the initiatives and standards in the BluSky Quality Assurance Pledge takes our commitment to quality workmanship, safe jobsites, and operational excellence one step further,” Kent Stemper, BluSky CEO, said. “We hope our trade partners will wear their certification as a badge of honor. Indeed, this program enables us to continue to drive industry-leading performance and build deeper relationships with our trade partners and our customers.”

Led by BluSky’s chief operating officer, Mike Erekson, BQAP’s key elements include:

  • Audits to ensure workforces are being paid fairly, accurately, and on time
  • Job site checks performed by various BluSky management
  • Ongoing review by BluSky Risk Management to ensure OSHA, EPA, and all other regulatory checks are performed with independent verification of trade partner references
  • Constant evaluation of trade partners to ensure suitability for specific projects
  • Annual Quality Assurance certification of BluSky trade partners and labor providers

“The components that make up BQAP are nothing new—we’ve always done these things—BQAP is just formalizing and giving a name to it all,” Erekson stated. “This is our pledge to fulfill the responsibilities we have to our industry and the communities we serve. We take pride in the standards  set by the BluSky  Quality Assurance Pledge.”

For more information about the BQAP, please visit BluSky Quality Assurance Pledge.