BluSky Restoration Contractors, LLC, announces a merger with Salt Lake City, UT-based Liberty Restoration.

The merged companies will continue as BluSky Restoration Contractors, operating 65 offices in 27 states from coast to coast. In addition to restoration services currently provided by Liberty, BluSky plans to add its commercial roofing and healthcare restoration business lines to the Salt Lake City, Layton and St. George markets.

“Liberty Restoration is another strategic addition as we bolster support for our customers in the West.” said Drew Bisping, BluSky CEO. “We are excited to grow our BluSky family and further expand in the state of Utah.”

Established in 2005, privately owned and operated Liberty Restoration takes pride in providing restoration services to various communities in Utah, not only cleaning the visible damage, but doing so with pride and integrity. A notable core value the Liberty team abides by is the “Grandma Rule,” in other words, treat everyone as you would your own Grandma – with kindness, gentleness, and care. Liberty owner, John Williamson, will join the BluSky Owner’s Council, and Bisping will continue as CEO of the merged firm.

"From the beginning, Liberty’s mission has been to provide a safe, stable, family friendly work environment for our employees and to provide our customers with the highest level of service. I am confident that partnering with BluSky is the best way for Liberty to continue to meet that mission. With the additional scope and resources BluSky brings to the table, I am excited for the opportunities that will be available to the Liberty team and its customers," stated John Williamson, regarding the decision to merge with BluSky.

This is the 16th announcement in a strategic plan of mergers and acquisitions in the last six years to support BluSky growth. BluSky has grown from a privately-owned Colorado startup in 2004 to one of the largest national restoration firms in the United States.