As countless restoration business owners struggle with finding and keeping employees, Paul Davis Restoration of Greater Minneapolis & St. Paul is not. In fact, President and Head Coach Caleb Brunz has more people wanting to work for his franchise than he has openings.

This is not at all a matter of luck. Paul Davis Restoration of Greater MSP prioritizes the people component of its existence and invests heavily in its workforce, from recruiting to retention and from internal employees to subcontractors.

In this episode of ask the expert, Brunz share his staffing success story, the work behind it, and the innovative efforts he is making to help build a pipeline of talent not only into his own business, but the restoration industry at large through Pathways Trades Academy.

Brunz views restoration companies as a conduit between two markets – those who need work done (clients) and those who need work (employees). “Even if we’re full, we will always have openings,” Brunz said. “Always be recruiting.”

This episode covers:

  • The thinking behind the “head coach” title Brunz uses
  • Why Brunz believes companies that don’t make people the top priority will be left behind
  • The elements of Paul Davis Restoration of Greater MSP’s staffing strategy, including recruiting, hiring and onboarding, employee retention and pay. For example:
    • A players defined
    • Minimizing the guess work in hiring for both parties
    • “Hire fast, fire fast”
    • Building companywide career paths as well as individualized employee development plans
    • Paying the highest and demanding the most
    • Creating a culture of recognition, inclusivity and fun
    • Dealing with employees who decide to take opportunities elsewhere
  • How Brunz and his leadership team invest in hourly, frontline employees like technicians to keep them engaged and high-performing
  • Hiring full-time staff dedicated to employee recruiting and retention
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion as more than a buzzword
  • The work Brunz is doing to draw more people into the restoration industry and other trades through Pathways Trades Academy
  • Predictions Brunz has for the future of staffing within the restoration industry 

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