Laura Spaulding, founder and CEO of Spaulding Decon, is a former law enforcement officer who has evolved her business from a solo operation to a nationwide franchise that specializes in biohazard disinfection and decontamination. Spaulding Decon topped the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 crime-scene cleaning category in 2022. In this episode of Real Stories in Restoration, Spaulding shares her journey from humble beginnings as a woman-led startup. Today, Spaulding Decon is scaling rapidly with 20 to 30 new franchises a year, has added real estate acquisitions to its business model, and has millions of followers on social media. 

“I still have never had a business loan,” Spaulding said. “I have bootstrapped; absolutely every part of our growth has been self-funded.” 

This episode covers:

  • The experience during Spaulding’s career in law enforcement that led her to start a business specializing in crime-scene, hoarding and meth-lab cleanup
  • Getting Spaulding Decon established as its solo employee, and being turned down by banks for a business loan as a woman
  • The rapid and expansion of Spaulding Decon as a franchise across the U.S.
  • How Spaulding’s law enforcement and military experience serve her in her role today
  • How her role with the company has significantly evolved over the years
  • The addition of real estate acquisitions as a game changer
  • Creating a comprehensive business system for franchisees
  • The story behind Spaulding Decon blowing up on social media
  • Spaulding’s most memorable project 
  • Advice to others starting their own restoration business
  • What to consider before adding biohazard remediation services to an existing business
  • Exceling as a woman franchisor in a male-dominated industry
  • The importance of thorough research before pursuing new business ventures
  • Spaulding’s personal goal of reading at least one book a week 

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