Leslie Anderson is senior vice president of training and launch with Paul Davis Restoration. She was recently elected to the 2022 IICRC board of directors. In this episode of Real Stories in Restoration, Anderson shares insights on delivering valuable training experiences to hundreds of restoration franchises. She also discusses her goals as an IICRC board member, her experience as a woman in a male-dominated industry, the importance of mentorship in her life and the power of positive affirmations. 

“I love my job,” Anderson said. “My motto is absolutely work hard and never give up.” 

This episode covers:

  • Anderson’s focus as vice president of training and launch at Paul Davis Restoration, including the topics she trains franchises on 
  • Her path to restoration and her role today
  • Serving hundreds of businesses and ultimately thousands of customers
  • Keys to delivering effective training at scale
  • How it feels to be elected to the IICRC board of directors and objectives while on the board
  • The importance of mentorship in helping Anderson advance professionally 
  • The value of constant feedback
  • Three positive aspirations Anderson keeps at her desk and reads daily
  • How being a woman in restoration has influenced Anderson’s career
  • Advice for fellow women looking to advance in the restoration industry 

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