Gerry Edtl and Jordan Donald are the father-daughter team behind Gerry Edtl Consulting. Edtl is president, founder and vice president of sales. Donald is CEO and sales trainer. Together, they help property restoration companies grow their businesses and generate referrals without lead fees, third-party administrators (TPAs) or programs. R&R invited them on to discuss building reciprocal relationships with insurance agents and taking business development to new heights. 

This episode covers:

  • The story behind Gerry Edtl Consulting, which started with Edtl working on the contractor side
  • Common challenges the firm sees restoration contractors face with sales, marketing and company culture
  • Their stance on TPAs and how program work has evolved during Edtl’s restoration career
  • Reducing dependency on TPAs and program work
  • The case for relationships with insurance agents as an alternative to working with TPAs
  • Counting the cost of lead generation from various sources
  • Examples of what being an extension of an insurance agent’s team entails
  • What restoration companies get out of partnerships with insurance agents and vice-versa
  • The first steps restoration contractors should take to generate more leads by working closely with insurance agents
  • The importance of examining profit margins from jobs that go through programs and those that don’t
  • Identifying which insurance agents are good candidates for win-win relationships 

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