Ultrapac Extreme brings nanotechnology to Prochem’s Ultrapac line of professional carpet cleaning solutions. This ultra-powerful technology releases soils from carpet strands and suspend them for fast and efficient removal.

According to Werner Buchmann, Director of Chemical Research and Development at Legend Brands, “The technology works like micro-robots that grab onto soils and pulls them free from carpet fibers. This system removes soils faster and more efficiently than anything used in the market today.”

Provided in economical powdered form, Ultrapac Extreme dissolves easily and thoroughly even in cold water. The product’s Hydrocoating Technology ensures fast mixing even at concentrations up to 20 ounce per 5 gallons. It will not harden or clump in the container, ensuring accurate measuring. Performance is unaffected with water hardness up to 24 grains.

The RTU will also not separate – a serious problem in sprayer applicator equipment – and the prepared solution can be stored indefinitely. This helps to ensure consistent cleaning results every day and from operator to operator.

Many carpet cleaning solutions can become too “hot” (alkaline) and can actually damage carpet fibers. Maintaining proper pH avoids this problem and helps to maximize cleaning potential in all conditions. Ultrapac Extreme features a complex buffering system that stabilizes the pH.

The product is also chemically stable at solution temperatures all the way up to 212° F / 100° C, allowing users to take full advantage of the cleaning power offered by today’s high temperature truckmounts.

“Extreme is state-of-the-art,” said Werner. “It mixes fast and cleans better at lower cost than many less effective pre-sprays.”

Ultrapac Extreme is sold by the industry’s largest network of distributors in North America. To learn more, visit LegendBrandsCleaning.com.