Advanced Purification just launched its 2016 line of SanusAer High Output Ozone Generators, used in odor remediation and indoor sanitization. Professionals requiring reliable ozone delivery can count on the superior performance of SanusAer Ozone Generators.
Brooks Brown, one of Advanced Purification’s original founders notes, “Our first business was on the service side, utilizing many of our current competitor’s generators.  Our frustration with their performance was the primary reason we decided to develop our SanusAer line. Our design, which is unique to the industry, solves all of the problems we were having with the typical generator in the industry.”  
The SanusAer line generates ozone by the "corona discharge" method, which they boast has far superior output than Ultra Violet generators. They blast their closest competitor away with over 15-times more ozone output.
“Our smallest model generates more than 4-times the ozone output of our nearest competitor's "largest" model for $110 less," said Dan McGrady, co-founder of Advanced Purification.
SanusAer's unique design, called the 'Vertical Flow System,' projects the ozone upward from the top of the generator, improving overall gas distribution and eliminating the need to elevate the unit during treatments. The Dual Fan Format, (a feature of the SA-14000 & SA-28000) is also unique to the industry, and creates an impressive 9,840 cubic feet/hour air flow.  The two larger models also have two-levels of ozone output, which provides treatment flexibility. Optional Horizontal Operation (using the cabinet handle as a stand) also provides the user the ability to point the generator in a specific direction, controlling the ozone application flow.  
The generators are cube shape and stackable for easy storage. None of their models are over a 1/2 cubic foot in size. Light weight, with a dual function handle, these generators are very portable, and a contractor can easily carry 4 units at a time.  
The commercial grade exterior is highly durable and chemically / ultraviolet resistant. The cabinet is 18g corrosion resistant steel that has a textured powder coat, which is resistant to abrasion, chipping, scratching, fading, and chemical corrosion.
The cabinet cover can be removed for easy and convenient maintenance (to change out the long lasting ozone plates). These plates are inexpensive and can be purchased on-line at the SanusAer website.  Lastly, there's an external fuse for easy access as well.
Because of superior design, SanusAer is fast becoming the leader in high output ozone generators, preferred by contractors everywhere, and distributed around the world.