In the latest truckmount innovation from Prochem and Sapphire Scientific, Cerakote® ceramic coating reduces the heat radiating from the 2018 Apex® 570 truckmount’s exhaust components by up to 30%. Cerakote is also now applied to exhaust parts on the 2018 Sapphire Scientific® 370SS truckmount. 

Reducing radiant heat from exhaust components not only extends the life of truckmount components by moving the heat out of the van – it also aids in lowering internal truck temperatures.

Glen Wilson, Vice President and General Manager of Cleaning Products for Legend Brands, said, “This new truckmount that combines the best of Prochem and Sapphire technology is one of the hottest, most efficient and reliable truckmounts on the market.”

The 2018 Apex 570 utilizes the highly successful Sapphire thermal well system to capture heat from three sources: the blower, the engine exhaust, and the engine coolant system. This results in a steady supply of heat for superior cleaning.

In addition to the highly reliable Kubota WG972 31 HP liquid cooled engine, the Apex 570 features the Gardner Denver HF408 blower, a tri-lobe helical design that is quieter and produces less vibration than other blower designs. The HF408 operates at higher RPMs to maximize extraction rates and accelerate drying time – another advantage in competitive cleaning markets.

The General HTS2016S produces up to 1500 PSI and 5 GPM at 1500 RPM for increased cleaning productivity.

“This unit delivers the most heat and highest cleaning efficiencies and out-performs any truckmount in its class,” said Wilson.

Each Apex 570 is equipped with a 90 gal. marine-grade aluminum waste tank, and a 120 gal. upgrade is available. The unit’s powder-coated aluminum frame reduces weight, plus it resists the corrosion and metal fatigue that plague the steel frames used by other manufacturers.

The 2018 Apex 570 is sold and serviced by the industry’s largest network of distributors across North America. To learn more, visit