Laura Nelson is vice president of marketing at Signpost, a company that helps local businesses attract, connect with and grow their customer base. At The 2021 Experience Convention & Trade Show, Nelson led a session on attracting, selling to and delighting homeowners from start to finish. Here, she revisits her presentation and discusses the most critical points of homeowner interactions with restoration businesses. Nelson covers how contractors can stand out on Google, optimize online prospects and customers, convert more browsers to buyers, and drive more referrals through an elevated customer experience. 

This episode covers:

  • “Customer experience” defined
  • Convenience as king among consumers, and not just for large companies like Amazon
  • The combination of technology, automation and human touch to find the next customer, keep existing customers and bring the most loyal ones back
  • How restoration companies can encourage more positive online reviews
  • Key digital platforms restoration contractors should consider building a presence on, from social media to Google to chat to text messaging
  • Delivering a seamless experience in a world of rising customer expectations
  • How to show up in Google search and the importance of reviews in Google ranking
  • Understanding the customer journey and creating a process designed to meet them where they are along the journey
  • Thinking holistically about marketing – not just about getting more leads, but communication, building confidence, tying up jobs and following up on them
  • Common missteps contractors make in working to attract more leads by embracing the internet
  • The most important thing restoration companies can do to strengthen their interactions with prospects and customers 

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