This is not an industry for the weak. This is not an industry for the self-absorbed. This is not an industry for people who only care about the bottom line and making as much money as they possibly can. This is an industry for people with a calling to serve, a sense of responsibility to their neighbors, and an innate ability to problem solve.

Women represent a growing percentage of the restoration industry. However, there is still certainly room for improvement and growth. Nineteen people comprise the Restoration Industry Association’s Board of Directors, yet just two are women. Of the 16-member IICRC Board of Directors, just one is a woman. It should be noted, all three of these women mentioned above were nominated by colleagues in the restoration industry for the Recognizing Women in Restoration campaign in both 2016 and 2017, and one has been a runner-up both years. All three stand to be large forces and key leaders in the industry in the years to come, and their influence will likely help other women rise alongside them.

When R&R launched the Recognizing Women in Restoration campaign in 2016, we did not know what to expect, the amount of attention it would gather, or even how many women have been in the industry a decade or more. In the campaign’s inaugural year, 40 women were nominated or submitted profiles. This year, that number rose to 50 and the quality of the submissions grew tremendously to include letters of support from others in the industry, customer testimonials, on-the-job photos, videos, and more. In addition, Christine Boak became the very first international nominee. This Aussie has had quite a year, earning the “triple crown” of industry certifications — Certified Restorer, Certified Mold Professional, and Water Loss Specialist.

There were nominees from dozens of independent companies as well as nearly every restoration franchise. While each woman is radically different, they are all alike in possessing strong leadership qualities and having proven track records of helping their companies thrive and grow.