My 5-year-old has been on skates pretty much from the moment he was born. The moment my husband could get him in skates, he did. In the beginning, of course, Levi couldn’t even stand – and often refused to even try. Instead, my husband would be bent to a 90 degree angle, trying to keep Levi on his feet. After a while, he learned to stand on his own, but would only toddle around on his skates. And really, if we are being honest, he spent most of his time just standing around watching what all the other kids are doing. At the time, I thought perhaps my small, observant child, was going to be more like his momma – pretty lacking in athleticism.

He kept saying he loved skating, and at the time his skill-level didn’t bother him. Then, one day, it clicked. And I think it all clicked thanks to one specific change: he got a stick in his hand. Levi wanted to play hockey like his dad, but during his first couple years of skating, he of course didn’t need a stick. Once he got to skate with a stick and be a “hockey player”, he cranked everything up ten notches. Now, he skates with ease, stops, pivots, fist-pumps when he scores goals, and pays absolutely no attention to his skates on the ice; he just does it!

This shift got me thinking about working in today’s technology age. We move along just fine, at least enjoying what we’re doing and thinking it’s good enough, until one day we bring a new piece of tech into our world. Perhaps it is something to help you personally – like an Apple Watch to see your texts sooner and to prompt you to stand every hour so you’re not stuck behind a computer screen all day. Or, perhaps it’s new tech for your business – like a drone or Matterport camera. For companies adopting technology like that, I have yet to hear of anyone who regrets it. In fact, I’ve only heard companies say they are game changers. Just like getting a stick in his hand was a game changer for Levi.

Take a few minutes to think about what you, personally, or your company as a whole could use to take things to the next level! Phil Rosebrook’s article on industry trends on page 30 might give you some ideas, as may the article on drones and IR tech on page 14.

Wishing you success and growth!