In this episode of “TradeTalks: Unlocking The Experience”, R&R Publisher Mike Balzano talks with Randy Gandara, General Manager of Goldmorr USA. After spending nearly 20 years in the technological sector, Randy saw a need to help people through Mold Remediation, took the opportunity and never looked back, starting with Certified Indoor Air in 2005, and eventually becoming the only US distributor of Goldmorr Products in the US.  And the cherry on top, he was also a pretty good Michael Jackson impersonator back “in the day”. Click play and enjoy how well Mike and Randy “moonwalk” through a great interview! 

  • General Manager at Goldmorr USA
  • The Sole Distributor of Goldmorr Products in the US
  • Certified Master Technician
  • Former Michael Jackson Impersonator
  • Credits his first visit to The Experience as what made him fall in love with our industry 

Goldmorr has been a leader in Mycotoxins and Mold removal for years, thanks in no small part to Randy’s leadership. He says his love of the industry was ignited by attending The Experience for the first time many years ago. Goldmorr has been a consistent sponsor, exhibitor, speaker, and partner of the event for a long time, and we are thrilled to have them!

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