For Lori Jones, receiving Restoration & Remediation’s annual Women in Restoration award is both a significant honor and one more step in an already stellar career in the R&R field.

Lori is the first and, so far, the only forensic restoration specialist honored with the award. In this difficult sector, which covers cases including suicide and homicide, Lori says, “The client is the center of our universe.” This extends beyond the mechanics of restoration & remediation to include expressing care, concern, and compassion for the client.  

The critical incident data are the who, what, when, and where which help Lori and her team not only prepare for the work, it helps them prepare physically, mentally, and even spiritually. “I’ll listen to the client,” Lori notes, “especially if they have a need to talk.”

Lori was introduced to the field by her husband, Jeff. She started out repairing and cleaning carpets and then Jeff brought her into the forensics area. Here, the care, concern, and compassion are not only for the client but for the team as well. “One of the first lessons that I learned is that what we do is a ministry. And, that was emphasized by Jeff’s father, Joe B. Jones,” Lori observes.

At first, Lori says, she wasn’t sure how much of a difference she could make. With qualifications and certifications that include such specialties as forensic operator, tracker, and search and rescue, she is clearly in a position to continue to make a difference.

One thing Lori acknowledges that she enjoys is when a job is complete and the client says, “Wow, how did you do that?” “It’s our job,” she comments, but it is clearly much more than that.

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