New Crystal Restoration welcomed Lisa Marie Scherrer as the company’s newest member of the leadership team. As Chief Executive Director, Lisa Marie will wear many hats, the company said. These include organizing, steering, managing, and carrying out the company’s mission. 

Lisa Marie will build alignment across the organization, develop partnerships with industry leaders, seek business opportunities to boost revenue and set the company apart, the company release said.

“We are extremely pleased that Lisa Marie Scherrer has joined the all-female leadership team”, states New Crystal Restoration President, Lisa A. Cordasco. 

Lisa Marie has over 16 years in the restoration industry as a previous co-owner of a restoration company in St. Louis her concentration has been sales, marketing, and team leadership. Lisa Marie’s mindset is characterized by a commitment to clear communication, ensuring that all parties have full understanding of expectations. She recognizes the importance of transparency and clarity in fostering strong relationships with clients, team members and stakeholders alike.

“Since 1960, our local Westchester County based, award winning, family-owned business has helped thousands of families and businesses with restoration, remediation, and construction services,” Cordasco continued. “Lisa Marie’s entrepreneurial spirit, used to identify and capitalize on business growth opportunities, means that NCR will be able to help an even broader sector of customers.”