His latest book teaches entrepreneurs how to leverage industry-specific challenges for remarkable success in the restoration business, says author Alex Duta. 

In his first book, Restoration Millionaire: Transforming Challenges into Success in the Restoration Industry (Stone Crest Books, 2024), Alex Duta, co-founder of Romexterra and Albi, delivers a masterclass on building a thriving restoration business. The book is the culmination of his journey from personal struggles to leading a successful 8-figure restoration company. In it, he offers readers an insider's perspective on the industry.

"I wrote this book to help restoration entrepreneurs avoid the reactive rollercoaster – the constant ups and downs and the swarm of problems that always keep stacking up. 

Hustlers fail at scale and, since I know what it’s like to be stuck in the trenches of restoration, I wanted to shed light on where most companies fail and how to avoid it," explains Duta. "In the book, I break down the methods I created that helped me launch a restoration business that went from $0 to $10MM in only five years and become Chicago’s #1 Water Damage & Restoration Company."

In Restoration Millionaire, each chapter offers a distinct lesson woven together to guide entrepreneurs in building both a successful restoration business and a fulfilling life. Alex highlights key principles, including his proprietary methods:

  1. The Restoration Millionaire Method
  2. Circles Method
  3. The GRIT Method
  4. The WALT Method

Alex Duta invites readers to join him on an enlightening and practical journey through Restoration Millionaire to learn from his extensive experience in the restoration industry and gain valuable insights on building a thriving business and a meaningful life.

About Alex Duta

In 2014, Alex Duta co-founded Romexterra, a successful Chicago-based fire and water restoration company. After identifying a technological gap in the industry, he developed Albi, a leading technology solution in the restoration industry. Albi, which enhances job completion and payment speeds, garnered more attention after joining the prestigious Y Combinator in 2022 and attracting venture capitalists. Alongside his CEO role, Alex mentors North American restoration contractors, is recognized keynote speaker and recently authored his first book  "Restoration Millionaire: A Guide to Building and Scaling a Restoration Empire". In 2024, Alex and his team are set to launch the inaugural EVOLVE conference for restorers. To learn more about Alex, please visit www.alexduta.com and www.albiware.com