KnowHow, a pioneering force in the restoration industry, proudly introduces KnowHow Premium, a new suite of features designed to elevate the capabilities of workforces across North America from leadership through frontline staff. In an environment where streamlined processes and craftsmanship are pillars of success, KnowHow Premium was designed to give management more horsepower, revolutionizing the way their teams operate, train, and scale.

Every restorer knows the frustration of encountering a problem on the job without immediate answers. Disruptions for on-call managers, lost time, and productivity setbacks are common outcomes. “When we launched Magic Search this July, customers were impressed with how fast Howie, our new virtual mentor, could provide workers with straightforward answers to their on-the-job questions,” said Leighton Healey, CEO of KnowHow.

Magic Search gives staff instant, context-specific answers based on company Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), reducing downtime and eliminating the need for cumbersome manual searches or supervisor calls. Healey added, “One customer said, “I think I’m in love with Howie,” and I have to say, they're not alone. We’re proud to help restorers better support, train, and onboard their staff, and are excited to provide more tools to accelerate their success.”

“With KnowHow Premium, we’re expanding Howie’s capabilities to help with more tasks, like building SOPs and testing staff knowledge, while making it even easier for staff to get the how-to they need, when they need it,” said Travis Martin, KnowHow’s Vice President of Product and Marketing. “Howie is trained up on a company’s proven methods, so management can be confident their whole workforce has the how-to they need to get the job done right. And with KnowHow Premium, he can provide assistance in Spanish and French as well, ensuring everyone is on the same page, regardless of their preferred language.”

KnowHow Premium is the ultimate toolkit for restoration professionals, providing advanced capabilities that make it easier to become a process-driven company. From Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) creation to staff training and instant guidance, this offering is purpose-built to facilitate expansion while maintaining operational excellence.

Build SOPs in Mere Clicks

The heart of any successful operation lies in its SOPs. Yet, crafting and updating these procedures can be a daunting task. Process Creator, available with KnowHow Premium, helps management generate comprehensive, step-by-step processes in seconds. Whether management is staring at a blank page, not sure how to best phrase something, or trying to be more concise with their how-tos, Howie makes process creation easier and faster.

Strengthen Worker Knowledge

Skill Builder, also available with KnowHow Premium, transforms company how-tos into quizzes for staff. These short tests help staff stay up-to-date on changing procedures, company-specific methods, and ensure that everyone is well-trained and confident in executing tasks.

Tap for How-To

KnowHow Premium also includes ShowHow, tappable stickers that provide step-by-step guidance. They easily adhere to a variety of surfaces, making it easy to share how-to for equipment or location-based guidance. A simple smartphone tap or point instantly summons the instructions teams need, eliminating the downtime associated with searching for manuals or waiting for assistance.

Scale Your Operations with KnowHow Premium

"KnowHow Premium exemplifies our commitment to innovate, ensuring restorers have every tool at their disposal to excel," concluded Healey, inviting restoration leaders to step into a new era of operational excellence. As the restoration landscape evolves, KnowHow remains dedicated to empowering workforces with the tools they need to thrive in a competitive market. The introduction of KnowHow Premium marks a pivotal moment in the industry's journey towards efficiency, proficiency, and success.

Join the ranks of restoration industry leaders who are embracing the future of operational efficiency and workforce enablement. To learn more about how KnowHow Premium can support your whole team, or to request a demo of KnowHow, visit