AirAnswers announced its newest partnership with Mobile Care Chicago, a non-profit organization offering no-cost mobile medical clinics to children unable to access necessary specialty care for chronic conditions including asthma and allergies. This new partnership allows Mobile Care Chicago to provide more comprehensive in-home assessments to its patients with respiratory issues by testing for airborne allergens, molds and viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2.

Under the new AirAnswers partnership, Mobile Care Chicago can provide more detailed in-home assessments to patients experiencing acute respiratory issues. For example, the non-profit recommended the AirAnswers testing system to a patient who later found out they had cat allergens in their home — despite not having a cat.

The family was able to take the AirAnswers results to the landlord who confirmed that the previous tenants of that unit had a cat. The findings enabled the landlord to clean the air ducts and replace the carpet and carpet padding, ultimately providing relief for the patient’s symptoms.

“Home air quality is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to controlling asthma episodes, especially for vulnerable residents on the lowest end of the income scale,” said Matt Siemer, executive director of Mobile Care Chicago said.

 The AirAnswers testing system uses electrokinetic capture technology to sample 150 liters of air per minute, allowing Mobile Care Chicago and other indoor air quality professionals to assess their patients’ and clients’ homes and businesses for potential health and property concerns by simply plugging the testing system in and letting it monitor the air. The AirAnswers testing system identifies air contaminants other testing methods may miss, such as beta glucan, specific mold genera and mycotoxinsOnce the sampling process is complete, the cartridge containing the captured bioaerosols is sent to the AirAnswers reference lab, where it is analyzed using qPCR and other technologies.

“Air quality is something that everyone should care about, as even the smallest issue can create large-scale health challenges,” said James Koziarz, CEO of AirAnswers. “Our system works at the molecular level, backed by years of research and testing. It is the only product on the market that can provide rapid results targeting a full spectrum of ultra-fine particles, providing an ideal solution for mold assessors, remediation specialists and consumers alike.”