Canam Systems provides integrated restoration management software designed to help restoration companies increase efficiency, accountability and, ultimately, profits. Canam Systems launched in 1994 with a solution focused on accounting and has evolved to include much more including job management, estimating, scheduling, marketing, equipment tracking and more. 

Proven Software Applications (PSA) by Canam Systems prides itself on being an integrated solution – an ERP – that brings several software solutions and names together for a one-stop experience. 

The company recently announced a rebrand with the start of 2022, so we invited Ryan Pritchard, sales manager, to share more about what is new with Canam and, more broadly, the state of software as he sees it within the restoration industry, plus practical steps contractors can take to ensure the software they invest in delivers value. 

This episode covers:

  • Key milestones in the evolution of software solutions in the restoration industry
  • “ERP” defined
  • Top challenges Pritchard sees clients face when it comes to software solutions and how to address them
  • Keys to selecting and integrating new software for your restoration company
  • How to scale technology solutions with your business
  • Background on the recent PSA rebrand and upcoming updates planned for 2022
  • Pritchard’s predictions for the future of software in restoration 

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