Idan Shpizear, founder and CEO of one of the fastest growing franchises in the United States, has just announced the release of his new book, Get Out of the Truck: Build the Business You Always Dreamed About. A deliberate departure from lengthy business philosophy books, Shpizear’s straightforward guide drives directly to the heart of the matter, helping tradespeople adopt a business owner mentality through clear lessons and practical strategies.

The business methods outlined in Get Out of the Truck are inspired by the author’s own journey from farmer’s son to CEO. After serving in the Israeli military, Shpizear moved to the United States and took a job cleaning carpets. Only one year later, he bought the company he worked for, starting his own business with only a Volvo, a carpet cleaner, and $3,500 to his name. With no formal business education, Shpizear found himself in a predicament familiar to all tradespeople-turned-entrepreneurs. The skills that had made him a great carpet cleaner were not enough to grow a young business.

“As new business owners transition from working in the business to working on the business, two things must evolve,” Shpizear explains. “Those are the mindset and the skill set.” He understands the challenges facing first-time entrepreneurs as they attempt this transformation. More importantly, he knows how to overcome these struggles, as his business—911 Restoration—now serves dozens of territories across the U.S.

Shpizear is a mentor, thought leader, and sought-after speaker, driven by his passion for inspiring other hard-working tradespeople to discover entrepreneurial success. Get Out of the Truck is evidence of his commitment to a new generation of business owners.

The book is tailored specifically for trade entrepreneurs. Shpizear designed his guide to operate like a manual, with concise, clearly labeled chapters so business owners can skip ahead to their specific areas of struggle and discover new solutions. He shares his philosophy without the fluff, outlining actionable strategies for building a business mindset and developing new skills.

In short, Get out of the Truck: Build the Business You Always Dreamed About is the busy entrepreneur’s guide to career transformation.

Get Out of the Truck is available now on Amazon in Kindle and paperback. Send press and event inquiries to the author at