In this episode of Ask the Expert, media blasting expert Wayne Lawrence, managing partner at ESCA Blast Great Lakes, discusses the role of media blasting in property restoration and key things contractors should know as they invest in these tools and put them to work. Lawrence covers common media blasting applications in restoration, the range of tools available, notable case studies, product advancements, the importance of equipment training, buying versus renting, equipment cost, and much more. 

This episode covers:

  • What media blasting is and how it fits into this industry
  • A highlight reel of different media blasting tools and approaches most relevant to property restoration 
  • Application examples that highlight which scenarios restoration contractors should apply respective media blasting approaches
  • Common questions Lawrence gets from restoration contractors regarding media blasting
  • The most common misconceptions surrounding media blasting within the property restoration industry
  • The most innovative and impressive restoration projects that come to mind that utilized media blasting
  • Key developments in media blasting, from the equipment itself to the way tools are utilized
  • Tips for restorers considering investing in new media blasting equipment
  • The cost of media blasting equipment
  • Buying versus renting 

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