Mili Washington, standards director with the IICRC, joins us to provide a 101 on industry standards. She discusses their importance, the value of ANSI accreditation, the rigorous and lengthy process of developing a new standard, the business case for embracing IICRC standards, and advice on implementing standards within your restoration or cleaning business. She shares a highlight reel of IICRC standards in the works. 

This episode covers:

  • Why the IICRC develops industry standards
  • What a standard is and what it looks like, in laymen’s terms
  • The value of ANSI accreditation and what that entails
  • How cleaning and restoration professionals should make use of IICRC standards
  • What goes into creating a new standard, from the very first point of introduction to final publication
  • The biggest challenges that come with IICRC standard development
  • How the IICRC has advanced its standards strategy over the years
  • An update on several standards in the works
  • How you can get involved with the IICRC standards development process 

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