Dismissing SEO is one of the biggest mistakes your business can make. Whilst restoration businesses may have traditionally gained much of their business from word-of-mouth and physical advertising, in 2020 most people turn to the web to discover local businesses.

This is borne out in the data that shows that 97% of people turn to the web to learn about local businesses.  As a restoration company, your website is essential for showing people that you’re a trustworthy and responsible business. And how do people discover your website? Predominantly through search engines. SEO places you at the top of these searches, driving more traffic and more custom to your site.

Mobile Friendly

More users than ever before are dispensing with desktops and browsing the web predominantly on the smaller screens of their mobile devices. As 4G gives way to 5G and  mobile network speeds now keep pace with WiFi, users have no disincentive to switch to desktops. This means that more users than ever before are viewing your site from tablets, iPhones and a further array of screen sizes.

Google, and other search engines, are obsessed with providing their users with the best experience. The algorithms run by Google will assess mobile-optimization, and if it senses that you’re failing by the standards of the time your search engine rankings will suffer heavily. To boost your SEO and access more web traffic from potential customers in your community, test your site on multiple screens to ensure you’re offering a mobile friendly experience.

Restoration-Oriented Keywords

Keywords are one of the main ways that search engines consider your site relevant to the interests of their users. By utilizing relevant keywords for your industry you can rocket your site up the rankings and get into the all-important line of sight on the first page.

Before you produce any content for your restoration company website you should research the relevant keywords for your audience. This will mean your site is better targeted and search e engine algorithms bump you up the rankings.

Optimize Your Website Speed

“Website loading times are an essential element to your users experience - if your site is slow to load or elements of your page such as large image fails lag behind the rest of your content, your viewers experience will be compromised and many will click away before they’ve given your restoration business a chance,” says Corine McKinley, a restoration expert at Write My Paper and OXEssays. “In the digital age, speed is key.”

Search engines are also continually assessing site load speed in order to gauge the user experience that these sites are providing. You’ll need to test your website speed regularly and, if it’s not up to scratch, consider finding a new host for your site.

Working Links

Links are the backbone of the internet’s structure and a healthy number of links, both outgoing to other valuable pages on the internet and incoming from other sites, prove that your restoration company website is part of a thriving digital ecosystem.

Broken links, however, do the opposite and can badly hurt your rankings on search engines. You should regularly check that all the links on your site are in good health and lead outwards to sites that are up and running.

Original Quality Content

“Users can come to your website in two ways, either by exploring local services or by seeking answers to restoration questions they may have,” says Janae Elliott, a writer at Do My Assignment and Essayroo. “Ensure you’re generating content that provides valuable information to each of these enquiries. Build some articles around general topics, such as what to do when you experience water damage, but also target articles towards encouraging users to contact your business immediately.”

Avoid duplicate content as search engine algorithms will penalize your site if they find anything hosted elsewhere. Unique content is the name of the game.

Signing Off

SEO is an essential component of your digital marketing strategy and by climbing your restoration company website up the search engine rankings you’ll ensure more local customers discover your business. By building a website that’s functional on  mobile, operating at a good speed and packed with valuable content, you’ll project a professional image to your users and reach the all-important first page of the rankings.