As in all things, changes are happening. Some faster than others, and most often faster than we can react. This industry is in a defensive mode, more than an offense position. Meaning we are putting far more time into justifying our jobs, chasing payments, and jumping through the newest hoops than we should.

Restoration Advisers believes in finding micro wins for restoration contractors. That often means getting back their time and cutting overhead. It also means empowering the team they have by providing the right training and tools. Our experiences and actual proven workflow examples have been implemented many times over for positive results.

If you are looking for best practices to modernize your estimating, scoping and invoicing, this workshop will be one you and your upper management.

We will be going over just a few of these key performance enhancements in your mitigation process:

  • Empower your lead techs with the tools and education to be able to provide a rough number/ reserve upon diagnostics. 
  • Win Clients Trust
  • Start working on winning the battle with the carriers tactics early
  • Lower Overhead with reallocation of estimator and project managers time to be spent on customer experience, not sitting on a keyboard. 
  • Close projects and get started sooner
  • Drop those EXPENSIVE subscriptions to the "INDUSTRY STANDARD PROGRAM" and stop playing the carriers game. 
  • Become a true Home Services Professional like other trades. 
  • Make your staff better technicians and feel ownership. This could tie into performance incentives with the overhead savings. 


  • Overview of Time & Materials Basics. The very best format for commercial and larger losses. 
  • Develop and better system of job cost analysis in real time. 
  • The ROI will be immediate and refreshing. This is how a true home service company and specialist should be structured.
  • Join us for a 4 hour workshop in the cities on our tour. The afternoons will be left open for a few personal one on ones.

CLICK HERE for the schedule and dates. Limited seating. Book early.