In the restoration world, commercial work and large losses are a goal for any industry professional--franchise or otherwise. The attainability of that goal is determined by each company’s capacity to handle losses at such a scale. When you have multiple brands, it makes that goal much more attainable, and the true power of a multi-brand company lies in its ability to synergize.

Synergy happens when two or more companies work together and their combined efforts deliver greater results than they would as individuals. Synergy is particularly important when it comes to large-scale commercial losses because these jobs often require several types of restoration and there’s a stronger push for a fast, yet effective, resolution. Despite being a buzzword often used in business, synergy is less commonly discussed when it comes to franchising and the restoration industry, but at BELFOR Franchise Group, we use it as a guiding principle to shape our franchise family.


Part of the strategy of building a synergistic franchise group is having brands that offer different, but complementary, lines of service. Another part of the strategy is having a shared company culture that embraces the power of working together. When all of these factors come together, you’re able to provide comprehensive solutions for commercial clients and operate at peak efficiency without sacrificing quality, which ultimately helps your multi-brand company become a self-sustaining system.



When all brands are specialists in their own niches of restoration, bringing them together on a single job enables you to capitalize on each team’s expertise in a way that delivers maximum quality at peak efficiency. This is a crucial part of commercial work. After a large loss, impacted businesses want and need to get back up and running as soon as possible, but if that comes at the cost of sub-par work, it is only going to result in more issues for the client in the long run. Instead, if you have two or three brands that specialize in the two or three types of restoration work needed, they’re able to go into the job with a laser focus. There’s no risk of sub-par work because their efforts are focused on doing exactly what they do best.

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At BELFOR Franchise Group, we continue to develop each of our brands to have extensive, specialized knowledge of their particular restoration sector for precisely this reason. DUCTZ, for example, doesn’t just clean air ducts; they’re able to clean and restore every component of the entire HVAC system. For water damage jobs, our new PLUMBERZ brand can address the cause and source of water, then 1-800 WATER DAMAGE can come in afterward to do all the remediation. If a large fire loss started in a commercial kitchen, we can bring in HOODZ after the completion of the job for regular equipment and system maintenance to help prevent additional fires going forward. If contents are affected in any of these losses, our new PACKOUTZ brand can handle the contents cleaning and restoration while other teams are restoring the structure back to working order.

Individually, each of these brands and their respective offices are busy with day-to-day work, and they excel at it. But when a large loss rolls in, they’re also able to come together seamlessly to provide a comprehensive solution for the impacted client. When you can provide comprehensive solutions, it makes it more likely a client will choose you over another company that would only be able to handle one or a few parts of the whole job.



When you have a family of brands built around working together, it also saves you--and your clients--a lot of time (and headaches) that would otherwise be spent coordinating with outside contractors. You’re able to operate at peak efficiency because having everybody housed under the same franchise group helps streamline all communication, processes, and back-office work on top of the already streamlined restoration work.

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Additionally, having these different franchise brands means having a larger pool of in-house job leaders and crews from within each brand that can come together in order to expedite completion of the job. Even with an expedited timeline, you’re still able to deliver top quality work to clients because all brands and their respective teams have been trained according to the same technical and business standards.

When our BELFOR Franchise Group brands work together on a commercial job, everyone knows exactly who they’re working with and what to expect, so we can guarantee the quality of service the client will receive. There’s no learning curve or risk of sub-standard work because every person was trained by our in-house experts, coached on the same expectations for customer service, and shares the same company values, including the commitment to a job well done.

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The ultimate goal and reward of having a multi-brand franchise family is the ability to become a self-sustaining system. Consistently delivering on commercial work helps you achieve that, and synergy is both a cause and effect of it. We’ve woven the principle and belief of working together as one franchise family into our corporate culture, but there’s also a natural motivation to do so because it’s beneficial for all brands and offices involved. With every large-scale commercial job we complete, every team gains valuable experience on jobs they otherwise may not have the capacity to handle as individuals. The more we work together, the more we improve together. As we continue to produce better results for clients, it opens the door for future commercial work, thus starting the cycle again. That’s the true power of a multi-brand company.

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