As disinfecting and indoor-air quality become top of mind to many Americans, Green Home Solutions has proven to be at the forefront of both rapidly growing industries. Entrepreneurs are taking note too. In the first half of 2020, Green Home Solutions, the first franchise to specialize exclusively in indoor-air quality, has signed 25 new franchise agreements, a six-month record for the brand.

Of the 25 new franchise agreements, an impressive 19 came from six multi-unit agreements, including the following:

  • Four-unit deal in Minnesota
  • Two-unit deal in Virginia
  • Two-unit deal in Rhode Island
  • Five unit deal in Tennessee and Georgia
  • Four unit deal in North Carolina
  • Two unit deal in North Carolina

Breaking it down even further, the 25 new franchise agreements come from a mix of current and new franchisees. Of the new agreements, eight were with existing franchisees.

Glen Snyder, Green Home Solution’s Chief Development Officer, credits the notable multi-unit growth to the franchise’s attractive incentives for multi-unit owners, saying, “Our average franchisee owns and operates four territories, and we pride ourselves on being an extremely multi-unit friendly franchise operation. For every additional unit or territory, the franchise fee is reduced by a significant sum, making scaling the business an easy decision. We also reward strong sales through incentives like a discount in royalties and discounted contributions to our National Brand Fund if a franchisee hits certain sales goals.”

Some of the more significant franchise signings of 2020 include the aforementioned five-unit deal in Northwest Georgia and Tennessee where longtime entrepreneur Michael Douglass is adding to his commercial property maintenance business, the two-territory deal with former C-suite executive Roy Coupland outside of Washington DC, and a four-territory deal in Wake County with neighbors and friends Jason Lilly and Justin Crawford who wanted to do good for the planet.

“My business partner and I started thinking more and more about what we were passionate about and how we could parlay that into a profitable business opportunity. That’s where Green Home Solutions came into the picture,” said new franchisee Justin Crawford who signed a four-territory franchise agreement in North Carolina in late April with longtime friend and business partner Jason Lilly. “Both of us wanted to do something ‘green’ and planet-friendly, and Green Home Solutions is at the forefront of providing multiple EPA registered, non-hazardous, indoor-air quality options.”

After officially offering services for one month, Crawford and Lilly are already in discussions to move up their five-year plan and start expanding to the east coast of North Carolina.

“When franchisees get started with Green Home Solutions, they immediately see the growth potential and look to expand,” said Snyder. “If it’s the right fit and the right location, we do everything we can to ensure their success in additional territories.”