As a disclaimer, I am not formally trained or an expert in Social Media; but rather a restorer and educator who recognizes the power of the digital world in which we operate.  There is great opportunity to build relationships, show your expertise, establish credibility and more if we harness the power. 

Some are intimidated by the social scene or struggle with consistently delivering quality content; however, inspiration is everywhere.  With a little self-study, and tips like this R&R article by Katie Harris, Successfully Marketing Your Restoration Company on Social Media, you and your team can become a content machine. 

To begin consider the following: 

  1. Keep content top of mind:  It may be advice that people ask you as a restorer, a news broadcast, or an article that catches your attention.  When you keep your need for quality content top of mind, it presents itself everywhere you turn. 
  2. Engage the team:  Although it may be someone’s job responsibility to distribute the content, the entire company can and should be involved in creating your content. Are your employees following their company’s social media? They should be. Encourage them to engage and share with their own followers. This will expand your reach organically. Plus, if you post content that involves your employees, they will be more likely to follow and engage because they want to, not because you told them they have to. Ultimately, it helps them feel pride for the work they do by seeing the impact it has through other’s reactions. Your employees engage with your customers and are out in the field every day. They live in the thick of where good content can be found. Use this to your advantage.
  3. Content should be reflective of the values, personality, and expertise of your company.  A wide variety of content is good but it should be cohesive and consistent. 
  4. Policy or Guidelines:  Consider implementing company guidelines regarding the management of your company’s presence. 
    1. Picture Use Policy and Permissions
    2. Political and Controversial Content/Engagement Policy
    3. Appropriateness of content
    4. Technically Sound and in accordance with Safety Standards
  5. Content Management System: 
    1. You may develop or utilize a system to schedule and calendar your content.  This is very valuable if you are wearing lots of hats and have brief moments of content inspiration. 
    2. Archive:  Content does not need to be once and done.  Once you develop a great piece you can reuse it at the appropriate time.  Have a system to archive your content for easy reference. 

Great content is all around us and need not be a chore that consumes endless hours.  In every class in our training center, the students all get a binder with a variety of sections, one being business development.  Everyone is encouraged that in consideration of those we serve, keep notes on information and ideas that would engage people and show expertise.  Let’s consider just a few things that could get the content flowing: 

  1. Out and About:  Pictures of the team in action with a quick caption.
    1. Jobs and Deployment Activities
    2. Community Events
  2. Technical and Tips:  There is a plethora of technical tips that can be shared that will be helpful and interesting. From carpet cleaning tips to controlling the environment and reducing the potential for Mold growth, give practical tips that your audience can use in there day to day. 
  3. Before and After Pictures: “A picture tells a thousand words”.    
  4. External Links and Content Sharing:  There is an endless supply of information, videos, and websites that at any time are helpful and appropriate to share with your audience.  
  5. Promotions, Certifications, Team Member Achievements:  Share the good news about the team with a picture or video.
  6. Local news as it is relevant.  Sipping my morning coffee and watching the local news, there was a section about a fire starting from a charging device, a firefighter was interviewed and referred the public to a site where they could check the devices that were registered as a fire hazard.  I thought…that is something to share.
  7. Personality and People:  It’s okay to share a little of the behind the scenes, some fun and get to know the people behind the company.    

Keep content top of mind and it will present itself in your day to day.  Get the whole team engaged in contributing ideas, content, pictures and more and then tell the world your story with your digital content.