Lavender 1Let’s get things started with the concept of core or shared values. Whether your organization has them or not, they exist. You may have to dig a little and reflect. If you are a new company, this may seem like a fruitless task, but there is no better time than when you are starting out and beginning to build the organization to develop a set of shared values. If you know what they are but don’t have them in writing, take a time out and get them down on paper. 

Your shared values can define who you are as a company - it’s your personality, and can serve as a compass as you grow. They should be shared with prospective new employees so they know the values of the company, and they should be reviewed and chanted as a team in your company meetings so that they are always the part of each person delivering your service. 

If you do not have a set of shared values yet, here is a little help to get you started: 

1.      Maintain a positive and open work environment by providing honest and constructive feedback on job performance.

2.      Be sensitive and responsive to the needs of the communities where we live and do business. 

3.      Take pride in our presentation and professionalism as a company.

4.      Aggressively seek opportunities to grow and improve our business. 

I believe about 10 statements that reflect your values as an organization can serve you well for years to come. Make it your own.    

Of course it’s easy to just put these values on paper. The challenging part comes when you have to ask yourself if the values are truly being reflected in the day-to-day operations of your business. 

We have all heard the saying “it starts at the top.” To make your shared values align with your operations, it starts with the leadership. Owners and managers should start with themselves and behaviors should be reflective of your company values. Hold each other accountable to shared values. Acting contrary to a shared value is very harmful to an organization and those acting contrary need to be held accountable. Conversely, reward those who live by the values. 

Best wishes for your success. 

Author’s Note: On the behalf of the Restoration Technical Institute, we are looking forward to sharing with you knowledge, passion and inspiration for your success, through this new monthly column, “Restoring Success.”

For our first column, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our perspective and tell you about us. After 12 years of operating a full service restoration company, started from nothing and built to an organization of 50 professionals, our passion for training evolved into the Restoration Technical Institute, which opened in 2012. We find it rewarding to share our experiences, mistakes and insights with other industry professionals who share our passion. Since opening our training center, we’ve found that there are shared challenges in our industry and that it is comforting to understand that no company, or individual is alone. We find it is valuable to gain perspective and insight - not to solve a particular problem or give you an answer to a question, but rather to inspire and encourage organizations and individuals to find what is right for their company.    

Every company is unique from services to culture. There is typically not any one given solution, technique, or value that leads a company to success. Success is and should be defined by your company. A company should embrace a set of shared values that help to bring them success. Live and breathe those values, shape your developments around those values and build your organization based on the core values that bring you accomplishment and satisfaction. 

 Our column will be based on the fundamental formula of Success = Leadership + Skill. Leadership encompasses soft skills like managing, leading and inspiring and skill referencing the technical skills and know-how needed to perform valued services. Our articles will vary in content from organizational development, technical, quality control and marketing. We invite you to send us any topic ideas to