Haven Environmental's mission is best expressed as the pursuit of the definition of the name: 
Haven: a safe place, free from danger. At the core, Haven is inspired by a commitment is to ensure its clients have a place safe from seen and unseen dangers.
Translated into daily work, Haven offers a suite of services built around home inspection and the indoor environmental issues that have become more and more prevalent over the past few years. 
Joe Battisto is the founder and president of this new venture, and also the VP of Cleantec, a locally owned and operated facility services and emergency restoration company based in Liverpool, NY. While Cleantecs’ primary focus is providing services B2B, Haven Environmental will focus on bringing a wide range of property services to the residential market. The two companies will be able to complement each other through sharing resources and offering turnkey property solutions to both markets in upstate New York. 
Water is the single most destructive force on a property. Haven focuses many of its services towards the identification, prevention, and remediation of water damage and microbial contamination that occurs in residential built environments.
Mr. Battisto has decades of experience and training in inspection and evaluation of indoor environmental concerns. He is licensed to perform home inspection and mold assessments in NY. His work has been featured in R&R and he writes weekly for various online blogs on the topics of home inspection, mold contamination, water damage, and training. 
Haven Environmental offers home inspection, mold assessment, senior “age in place” safety inspections, commercial property inspection, indoor environmental consulting and property damage assessments. The company plans to add four employees this year and begin providing specialized training and approved courses for continuing education credit requirements for insurance agents and real estate professionals.