New Jersey-based Mastertech Franchise Systems has three new, flexible franchise membership packages that offer the benefits of powerful marketing, sales and operations systems – with the freedom to use or not use Mastertech’s branding.

Mastertech Franchise System founders Tom Duff & Eric Green have made some interesting changes to their newest franchise membership offerings.

Duff reports that they’ve totally restructured their membership packages to make it much easier, more accessible and more affordable for prospective members to choose a package that best suits their needs – and budget.

“Whether they want tested and proven, marketing, sales and operational systems with our Standard Package, or they want the Full Franchise, turn-key package – or something in the middle, the best of both worlds with our Pro Package, we have something that will fit their needs – their brand or ours – or both.” Duff says.

All packages feature Mastertech’s CORE Training Courses and Certifications which covers marketing, sales & estimating and office and job-site operations for mold, hoarding, bio and water cleanup.

Here’s a brief overview of the packages:

  • The Standard Package is designed for experienced business owners looking to add easy to follow, tested and proven marketing, sales and operations systems to an existing business. They may opt to co-brand with us by using our “Mastertech Certified Company” logos or opt to use only their own logo. Either way, they’ll receive our CORE Training courses and assets package that’s developed to take their marketing, sales and operations to the next level. Co brand – or No Brand.
  • The Pro Package is best suited for business owners looking for rapid growth and expansion. This package gives members access to all of our Pro-Level marketing, sales and operations systems and features along with Pro-Level support. Your brand – our brand – or both.
  • The Full Franchise Package is best for business owners looking to add Mastertech’s powerful brand, proven systems and lucrative lineup of services. This package also works well for investors or entrepreneurs looking for lucrative, in-demand, service-related start-up with a fast R.O.I. Our brand only.

Duff says after speaking to countless owner/operators in our industries, he knew there had to be a better way to offer better-than franchise-level training and support without the exorbitant fees and rules commonly associated with a franchise.

“We didn’t want to be that franchise that forces our brand on everyone that joins the Mastertech family.” Duff reports. “Lots of these companies and owners can benefit from the systems we’ve created while having the freedom to use their own brand – with or without ours.”

Eric Green says they understand that most owners put years of sweat equity and knowledge into their existing businesses – and that’s something they should be proud of. Most of them are constantly looking for ways to improve their businesses and daily operations – and that’s where we can help.

Green goes on to say that one of the goals here at Mastertech (on an office by office level) is to deliver a consistently safe and effective remediation – every time. As an industry, our clients deserve this. Consistency also happens to be one of the most important keys to our training and systems – in marketing, in sales and in operations. Our training provides this consistency – among other things.

Mastertech Franchise Members receive access to additional, in-house services such as Pay per Click creation and management, SEO, website development, graphic design, print asset design, email marketing, social media marketing, business coaching and next level training for Franchise Member employees.

The guys at Mastertech have also created an internal certification program for franchise members. Courses include: mold inspector, mold remediator, project manager, marketing rep, sales/estimating, thermal imaging tech, hoarding specialist, bio cleanup specialist, and more.

Almost all of the certification courses can be completed online and include curriculum that combines years of industry specific training with years of Mastertech’s way of doing things the right way – the first time. All of Mastertech’s courses include a physical certificate, patches or patch rockers, recognition on the franchise website and certification logos for use on digital and print media.

Mastertech’s client services include mold remediation, mold testing & inspections, crime & death scene cleanup, hoarding cleanup, water damage mitigation and asbestos & lead abatement. Due to changes in building materials and construction techniques and a better understanding of the dangers of poor indoor air quality, demand for these services has grown across the United States.

“Our goal isn’t, and never has been, to sell as many franchise memberships as possible.”, Duff says. “What we’re focused on is finding the right type of people, the people that genuinely care about helping people - people who only want to do the job right the first time. When we consider a new franchisee, we want to know that they’re in this for the right reasons. That’s why we make our offering as affordable as possible. We'd rather they focus on growing their business and providing quality services to their clients than worry about exorbitant franchise fees.”

Mastertech Environmental has been featured on HGTV & DIY Networks for nearly 5 years on the show ‘Rescue my Renovation’ – a show based on confronting bad contractors. After the success of the first episode, the producers decided that Mastertech would be their go-to company for all mold, water, hoarding or bio related problems. Duff reports “the national exposure from the show certainly helps, and we get calls from all over the Country. Right now, we have lots of large, available territories to hopefully fill that void.”

For more information about Mastertech Franchise Systems, call 800-559-5338 or email: