Evans Garment Restoration of Minnesota recently announced that they are offering a new way to restore textiles. Ozonated water is the only long standing process to effectively remove soot, odor, water and dirt and is now available for in-home use on small fire or water loss claims. Evans MN are now offering a portable ozone machine to homeowners that can hook up directly to their residential washing machine and includes detergent specially designed for restoration. This gives the homeowner the convenience to easily restore their affected laundry at their home or temporary residence.

The machine infuses cold tap water with oxygen atoms and molecules to form ozone and blends them together through a static mixer to create hydroxyl radical. The newly formed ozonated water then flushes into the washing machine to restore the laundry load. The result will deeply clean laundry with no bacteria, mold, soot or odor left behind. This technology has been trusted by hospitals and elite hotels for decades at much higher commercial costs but has now been scaled down for residential use provided to you by Evans MN.

The homeowner can now be part of their claim and as a lower cost alternative for insurance companies this changes the textile industry. It becomes a win-win for a lot of claims and how they are handled.

“We’re finding great success and positive feedback on the use and structure of the whole process” says Kristy Fish, owner of Evans MN. “The industry was ready for a new service in textile restoration and we’re excited to help facilitate that change.”

Because this is a portable unit, the ozone machine can be shipped anywhere in the US with an overnight option to help expedite their emergency clothes. The insurance company is billed a minimal rental charge based on number of days the homeowner uses the ozone machine.

For more information, visit http://www.evansgr.com or call at 952.442.9977.