The experts at Rainbow International Restoration, a global restoration business founded in 1980, continuously strive for excellence when it comes to training and preparation methods for new franchisees.  Each class that comes into the Sure Start training program for new business owners, is assured they are getting precisely what they need to open their businesses quickly and with the best chance of success.

Jeramy Sibley is the Sure Start Coordinator for Rainbow, where he leads the business segment of the training program at the company’s headquarters in Waco, Tex. Rainbow International Restoration is well known in the restoration business, with over 300 franchises. With years of experience, Rainbow wrote the book on training new business owners on how to navigate the waters of technology, science and business.

Training at Rainbow has four components, including online training, technical (IICRC) training, business training, and the field training partner program.

One: Before You Begin

“Business owners have online business software training that is completed before they come to Waco,” Sibley said. Rainbow International Restoration is now using FUSION software, a highly integrative scheduling and customer care module that helps owners operate more efficiently. “The idea is to learn the basics of ‘what the software is’ before they come to training, so once they arrive we can train them how to use it within the business model.”

Two: Innovative Technology and Flood Waters Collide

The Restoration business is as much about science and technology as it is about service and crisis control. Drying out a building after a flood is more than “just drying it out.”  There are drying progress readings to monitor, dry standards to meet, and high-tech equipment and meters to operate.  Standards given by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) are a benchmark within the industry. The IICRC is a certification and Standards Developing Organization (SDO), and is a non-profit for the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries.

Training onsite at Rainbow headquarters is intensive. The first week focuses on the technical side (IICRC) of the business and runs Monday through Saturday. Here, franchisees study water restoration technology, carpet cleaning technology and other basics in industry tech. They participate in exercises that mimic a flooded home in “Jack’s House,” an actual flood house on campus at company headquarters.

“The flood house offers hands on training,” Sibley said. “We place equipment, monitor drying progress, and create a Dry Track Report.” The readings and report gathered from the flood house exercises are then used the following week during the Business portion of training.

Three: Business Week with a Motivational Bonus

Rainbow International Restoration is part of Dwyer Group, the global giant in home service franchises. Dwyer Group has a reputation for helping franchisees learn methods to achieve their personal, professional and financial goals through business ownership. It is not surprising then, that day one of Business training week kicks off with some serious lessons in motivation, mindset and goal setting. Dina Dwyer-Owens teaches a class called Design Your Life, where franchisees are taught to look at all aspects of their lives, set goals, and learn the steps to achieve them. Dwyer Group CEO Mike Bidwell and COO Mary Kennedy Thompson teach about service and leadership, and Dwyer Group Executive Vice President Robert Tunmire touches on mindset and recruitment.

“Tuesday through Friday of Business week are geared toward Rainbow specifics,” Sibley said. “It all starts with the sale, so we go over sales and marketing, and we have a ‘Do the Job Day’ where we go back out to the flood house to sketch out the house and build an estimate.” Thursdays are reserved for financial training, which includes going over budgets and profit and loss statements, and learning Quickbooks.

According to Sibley, “Fridays are reserved for learning how to reinvest in your business, for instance, building a team and scaling your business.”

Four: Mentorship for You AND Your Team

The fourth part of franchisee training for Rainbow International Restoration business owners is a thoughtfully developed mentoring program called the Field Training Partner Program. This is another full week of intensive, on-the-job training done out in the field at an existing Rainbow location, and is available to the new franchisee and his team of employees, if applicable.  

“We have a group of approved field trainers,” Sibley said. The program offers real-life experience so new franchisees can see all of their training in action. “Trainees spend one day each with the Office Manager, the Salesperson, and the owner or upper management. The last two days are spent out on the truck.”

Once franchisees have their businesses up and running, they are continuously supported by the home-office at Rainbow, with assistance in operations, marketing, information technology and more. Restoration is an ever-changing industry. The training department at Rainbow is constantly seeking to make improvements in order to help franchisees launch their businesses successfully. 

Sibley is passionate about the work that is put forth for the benefit of new Rainbow International Restoration franchisees. As a former business owner himself, he understands what owning a business may mean to those he helps. “I believe business ownership offers a great opportunity for people to achieve what they want out of life.”