Figuring how to appropriately and effectively market your restoration company to adjusters, insurance agents, and even your community is hard. So we are thrilled to bring you a brand new, regular video segment focusing solely on marketing your restoration business - and the advice is coming from two very successful people in the restoration industry.

O.P. Almaraz is the owner and CEO of Allied Restoration in Los Angeles, Calif. He grew his business from the ground up -- and found a unique restoration niche. Allied Restoration caters specifically to the elite in Southern California -- doing restoration jobs for celebrities like Little House on the Prairie's Melissa Gilbert and Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O'Dell, just to name a few. O.P. is an extremely smart businessman with a top-notch team behind him. He understands the importance of customers service, and knows how to seize an opportunity when he sees one -- which is how Allied became the restoration contractor to the stars.

Tim Bauer is the Director of Client Relations at Allied. He and O.P. are like peanut butter and jelly -- by combining their skills, they are the driving forces behind Allied's explosive growth into a large, successful, and unique restoration company. Tim has a little bit of a claim to fame as well, recently appearing on TLC's Skin Tight after losing more than 225 pounds! But Tim's story is about a whole lot more than weight loss. He is a marketing and branding mastermind overflowing with creative marketing know-how.

This pair knows a whole lot more than just how to run a business and get creative with marketing; they know restoration. That means they know what it takes to remove mold, get rid of smoke odors, restore a home damaged by a fire or flood, and so on. 

Marketing Minute is all about helping you grow your business, often by thinking outside the box. This new series will be coming your way the first and third weeks of every month. So sit back, have a few laughs, and meet O.P. and Tim in this debut episode.

Do you have a specific marketing topic you would like O.P. and Tim to talk about in a future episode? Shoot O.P or Tim and email!