When a person, business, or family’s life is turned upside-down due to fire, smoke, or water damage, the first and only thing on their mind is getting their life back in order. Unlike other industries that directly market their goods and services even to those who may not need it, when a restoration company approaches a victim of a fire loss, their services are desired and needed.  

Some items to consider for a fire victim care package:

  1. A business card
  2. Tooth brush and toothpaste
  3. Basic clothing items (ideally with your logo and brand on them)
  4. Nonperishable, healthy foods that do not require too much preparation
  5. Bottled water
  6. Cleansing wipes
  7. Easily prepared tea and coffee products
  8. Soap/toiletries/razors
  9. Trash bags
  10. Addresses of resources such as the Department of the Treasury for replacement of damaged cash and the local Red Cross (such information can be found on the fema.gov website)
  11. Batteries
  12. Brush/comb
  13. Flashlight

If there is time, do some research on the potential client and customize a package just for them:
Do they have young children? Include diapers, wipes, and other child necessities.
Do they have pets? Include treats, dog bones, and food.
Care packages such as these are not going to guaranty a closed sale, but it will help to increase the visibility and equity associated with your brand. Follow these steps and position your company to be on the scene when needed most.

Business operations and productivity can come to a near standstill with damage to an office. Families, likely already working countless hours to make ends meet and save for the future, need a place to enjoy their time together and unwind. Getting back to normal is the number one priority in all cases when it comes to fire damage - and the sooner the better.  
Those restoration companies that market their services at the time the need arises are those who can, at the very least, leave a powerful and positive impression of the company and brand in the mind of the potential customer and position itself to earn the business of the fire victim.
Unlike those who seek out negligence in accidents and other unfortunate events in an attempt to gain business by creating opportunity where there is none, a person who offers a victim of a fire loss quality and timely service is filling a true need in the market. People who have lost their home or business to a fire need expediency, quality, and professionalism. Getting back on track is one of the highest priorities to both families and businesses when a fire or flood strikes, and offering such a resolution in the timeliest manner is not a luxury or greed; it is a necessity.
Timing is Everything
In order to be a hero on the scene when someone’s life is shocked by a loss of their home or business, it is necessary to be there when the need arises.  Tools such as Rangecast Fire/Water/Smoke Damage Lead Generation Systems can allow for restoration companies to know in real time what is happening in their entire service territory.  It is imperative that those looking to start the process of rebuilding a person’s life or livelihood be knowledgeable of events as they occur to best position themselves as the solution.  With the ability to hear the activity from nearly anywhere; at one’s home, office, a hot spot in a restaurant or on one’s iPhone, iPad, PC, Android device and so on is an absolute necessity.
Unique tools like Rangecast can provide a real-time view of fire and disaster activity so your company can better serve those who need timely and quality restoration services as soon as possible.
Knowledge of what is happening right now makes possible the quickest and the best solution to getting a fire victim's life back on track.
Improve Your Brand by Showing You and Your Company Cares
No one wants to be sold something at a time of distress, and most people in sales do not wish to bother someone when they are upset over the loss of their home and their belongings.  Yet such people do need certain items when an event occurs like the loss of a home or business. Those willing to do something different, offer something of value to victims of a fire loss will earn the trust and gratitude of a person or family for a long time into the future.  
A care package of necessities and a business card will leave the potential customer with a tangible positive experience in the framework of their loss, and could help the company earn their business when they are ready to make the decision. Even if in the end the customer chooses another company to rebuild their livelihood, at the very least the good deed done will create a positive impression of the company and brand that will pay dividends forever.