Many companies that have been in business for decades will go through periods of significant change. Perhaps this change is in the form of expansion, either through capital or people; or perhaps it takes the direction of paring down and returning to the founding strengths that were the core of its past success.

Many restoration contractors can relate to the situation of expanding your service lines to handle more business. Likewise, many restoration contractors may admit it’s not always best to become bigger, and do more. 

Recently, Polygon US decided it had gone too far from its core competencies and strengths and decided it was time to regroup.

Polygon’s roots are embedded deep in the concept and theory of drying. The desiccant dehumidifier was invented by the founder of the company, Carl Munters, in the 1930’s, prior to becoming Polygon. This technology revolutionized the restoration industry and allowed many advances in the way structures were dried.

Over the years, the company expanded into a variety of industries, restoration being one of the many avenues. But restoration was a hugely growing industry with what seemed like unlimited potential. So as the industry grew, Polygon US chose to grow with it and expanded its drying services to include restoration services such as demolition, mold remediation, fire restoration and more.

There comes an important moment in a company’s development where it must closely evaluate the decisions made and look clearly at the past to make sure future decisions enhance, rather than detract, from the core essence of the company.

For Polygon US, that moment was early in 2015. Looking back over a rich history and heritage of being a leader in temporary drying technology, it became clear it was time to refocus on the core competency of technical drying, which includes temporary climate solutions, document recovery and emergency drying services. 

Polygon announced its decision to withdraw from performing restoration and mitigation in April of 2015 and has been working diligently on changing the recipe of their business. This includes changing their current relationship with other restoration contractors from competitor, to partner. It means focusing on creating solutions by utilizing a diverse fleet of equipment and expertise to provide services that offer support in the restoration and document recovery market. It means coming to the industry with full transparency on intention and an end in mind of nurturing relationships built on trust and mutual benefit.

 And it means doing what Polygon US has always done best – Drying.