Polygon, the original pioneer in drying technology and innovation in engineered temporary climate solutions, is refining its expertise with a renewed focus on what it has always done best in the United States: complex dehumidification, document recovery and climate control solutions. Doing so confirms Polygon US’s commitment to provide its customers with an enhanced line of services that set the standard for excellence across the entire industry. 
“More than 60 years ago, Polygon established the use of desiccant dehumidification technology that really changed the game in the world of drying services and temporary climate solutions,” said Mark Murphy, Country President of Polygon US. “Today, we’re more committed than ever to putting our pioneering expertise in the industry to work for our customers. As we hone in on our core specialties, those customers are going to benefit from that even more.” 
As part of its streamlining initiative, Polygon US will continue to offer its drying services and engineered temporary climate solutions, which have been used in thousands of different applications, including situations requiring incredibly complex approaches. The company will also continue 
to provide document recovery services. With those areas a top focus for Polygon US, the company will no longer directly serve the property damage restoration marketplace in the United States, however their service offerings in other countries of operation will remain the
same. Polygon US will, however, continue to serve contractors in the space with an enhanced line of Emergency Drying Services. The refocus will result in a streamlined organizational structure, though Murphy noted our employees will benefit from the company’s more specific approach going forward. “All of our people are experts in the areas of drying
technology, document recovery and temporary climate solutions,” he said, “so this realignment will really allow them to execute the skills that they’re known for without being stretched into other areas. I think they’ll also see some welcome improvements in the balance between their work lives and the time they spend with friends and family.”
With Commitment Comes Change
Polygon US’s commitment to its core capabilities means that it will be even more focused on providing the best drying, climate solutions and document recovery services to all of its customers, both longtime clients and those new to the company. Murphy said the entire initiative will not only strengthen relationships with its customers and employees, but make it a stronger company focused only on the unique expertise that Polygon US
has become known for.
“This is an exciting time for all of us at Polygon US,” he said. “This renewed focus will underscore our commitment to always delivering quick response, absolute reliability and outstanding results.