Project 1: Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Abatement

Company: Sabelhaus West

The job: The exterior of Building 460 consists of cementitious structural siding panels (Transite) that contain asbestos. Lead-based paint is present on the frames of 27,800 window panes. The paint dated to the original oil-based coatings applied after construction in 1941. By 2009, colors had faded, and paint was delaminating. The siding was chalking, powdery, and in some places, friable.

The solution: Sought permanent system of solutions for the challenges posed by the aged lead and asbestos-containing exterior surfaces. Prior to encapsulation all surfaces had to undergo necessary preparation. Decades of marine salt accumulation, scattered areas of mold and mildew, decaying and friable siding, and peeling paint all needed to be addressed. Special care was exercised to contain any asbestos or lead particulates released during the washing process.

Challenges: The job was large and extensive, as over 27,000 window panes needed treatment, taking more than 10,600 man hours. Other challenges included wind off the water, weather conditions and temperature and removal of moss, algae and salt that had built up on the building over time before work could be performed.


Project 2: Chinese Drywall Remediation

Company: Healthy Home Solutions, LLC

The job: Chinese drywall remediation (CDW) on large apartment complex.

The solution: Identifying units containing CDW, remediating the drywall and maintaining a 90% occupancy through the process.

Challenges: Extensive testing and inspection, training of in-house remediation crew, coordinating project over 18 months, satisfying HUD requirements and developing reasonable remediation strategy considering cost and extent.


Project 3: Blasting Away Fire Damage

Company: Advanced Indoor Air Quality Care

The job: Deodorizing and cleaning a structure following a fire loss.

The solution: Dry ice blasting at 110 degrees below zero.

Challenges: Finding a solution that would perform well in terms of removing the char smell while also restoring the beams to pre-loss condition.


Project 4: Crawl Space Remediation

Company: Quest Crawl Space Systems, LLC

The job: Crawlspace moisture intrusion and mold remediation.

The solution: Encapsulating the exposed soil with a vapor barrier, sealing all outside air within the crawl space, installing a sealed sump pump system and installing a commercial grade dehumidifier/air system unit to condition the air within the crawl space.

Challenges: Eliminating the excessive relative humidity and moisture intrusion that exist in all dirt crawl space environments, which causes mold to propagate.

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