restoration salesWhen a homeowner has had a fire or has 2 feet of water in their basement, the last thing they want from a restoration contractor is to be sold.

People hear stories from friends and in the media about contractors who are scammers when an insurance check is involved. So they can be immediately on the defense when they have had a loss in their home or business when you show up on an emergency call out. What they want is to be helped and not pressured by an over-enthusiastic or pushy restoration company that they may not know much about.

If you are feeling the need to hard sell your prospects into signing on the dotted line, then you may not be marketing your company very well.

When you show up to a potential client’s home for the first time you want them to already know, like and trust you. You want them to feel like they know you and your company even though you may haven't met before. And the only way to do that is to have a good marketing funnel set up that pre-qualifies you and your company as the best people for the job.

A good marketing funnel has the following elements weaved into its sales message:

1.    Sets you apart from the rest.

2.    Provides tremendous upfront value thru education.

3.    Creates a way for others to feel connected to you.


When we show up to a new client’s home we are already pre-sold to them. Either by the adjuster, agent, prior client or another mutual connection like a trades contractor. This is all set up in our marketing funnel to happen automatically on each and every job.

Without a system in place to pre-sell your services through your marketing, you are basically cold calling every job and that will wear you out in a hurry.

So take a look at your marketing funnel, see what isn't working and change it.

Here is a video that I did on a job site where the client signed the work/payment authorization form without ever having met us.



“E-mail it to me and I will sign it before you get here,” she said. “According to everyone that I have talked to about you, they say you are the best so I don’t have anything to think about.”

 Let me know what you are doing in your business