The Chrysalis Awards for Remodeling Excellence has honored Paul Davis Restoration and Remodeling of Suburban Maryland & Washington DC with the top national achievement in this year's category of Residential Insurance Restoration, according to a press release. This is the third national restoration and remodeling award won by the Paul Davis office.

According to Tom Plant, owner of Paul Davis Restoration and Remodeling of Suburban Maryland and Washington DC, the local franchise office won the award for a recent residential fire restoration and remodeling project over $450,000.

"This remodeling project was not typical," said Plant. "The home was gutted by fire and the homeowners decided to turn the devastating experience into a positive one. They contracted with our Paul Davis office to redesign, add-on, and create the residence as their dream home.”

The fire burned so hot in the basement that the main steel beam for the house was literally bowed. After demolition, all that remained in most of the house were exterior block and brick walls. The house had to be framed systematically from inside out. The entire first floor structure was taken down to the outside walls. The second floor had to be supported while the first floor was reconstructed. The exterior was also impacted. Smoke poured out the windows during the fire, covering the brick with thick soot.

Much attention was given to the cleaning, preservation, and matching of the existing brick throughout the project and ended up being one of the largest challenges. The stairs were so badly damaged by the fire that they had to be reconstructed. This brought about the need to bring them up to code by lengthening them. This required the floor plans for each level to be determined by the new stair layout and impacted the studio, foyer, powder room, bathrooms and entry points.                                                                                                              

The Paul Davis entry was judged on the project's overall design, the creative use of space and materials, and the degree to which the project enhanced the original structure.

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