“How to Recession-Proof Your Restoration Business”
A free and open seminar presented by Phil Rosebrook, Jr. and Steve Toburen, sponsored by ICS and R&R magazines.

CONNECTIONS Convention and Trade Show Las Vegas Hilton Wednesday, September 9, 2009 1:05- 4:00

Our “No Snake-Oil Peddling” Promise- Unlike other so-called “free educational events”, both of us guarantee that there will be no high pressure product promotions or bait-and-switch sales techniques during this program- only transformational concepts along with the tools to implement them in your restoration business. (If you want us to “sell you” then you will need to visit our respective booths during the Trade Show!)
--Phil Rosebrook, Steve Toburen

The “Emotional Dynamics” of your Restoration Loss
with Steve Toburen, Director of Training
Jon-Don’s Strategies for Success

In this session you will …
  • Discover the single biggest mistake most carpet cleaners make when entering restoration- and how to avoid it.
  • Examine the traumatized “Emotional Landscape” of both the home owner AND the adjuster in a typical residential loss PLUS how to program your employee’s daily actions around these common negative emotions.
  • Learn how to avoid the dreaded “Hostility Transference” so common in restoration losses today.
  • Discover how to create “Cheerleader Adjusters” that will scheme and maneuver to get you on their losses- even if you are not on their company’s Preferred Vendor list! (And you don’t even need to play golf with them!)
  • How to “control the loss” by forming Strategic Partnerships with other contractors.
  • The “Four C’s” that will help your carpet cleaning technicians “turn on a dime” emotionally to reach out to a traumatized restoration client.
  • How to get your sub-contractors on board with “Emotional Dynamics”.
  • A 19 Step “Moment of Truth” Checklist for you, your employees and your subs to always follow on the loss.
  • 10 essential pre-inspection reminders
  • A 68-item check list of tools to always carry in your personal vehicle for immediate response/inspection of any loss.
  • A 2-page form that will let you “spike” any fire loss even before the adjuster has determined coverage- and do so with his approval!
  • A Quality Control Room sheet that will give your client the “Illusion of Control” even when your crew isn’t there.
  • An “Initial Water Damage Estimate” form that will stop forever the maddening homeowner complaint- “If I had known how much you were going to charge me I would have replaced the carpet.”
  • A “Water Damage Customer Interview” form that helps your often young technician structure the initial water loss inspection AND create positive Moments of Truth with the home owner.
Steve will be sharing this time with fellow ICS columnist and SFS member Phil Rosebrook, Jr. who will focus on …

Making Your Phone Ring
with Phil Rosebrook, Jr., Business Mentors

What you will learn:
  • Techniques to create consistent sales volume and avoid the peaks and valleys
  • How to leverage your carpet cleaning business to grow your restoration division
  • Why top marketing misconceptions may cost your company million$!
  • The top 10 marketing truths- How they will help you target revenue, improve profits and increase your marketing effectiveness!
  • How exceptional customer service can become a strategic competitive marketing advantage
  • Find out how to align company goals and marketing activities for maximum effectiveness
  • The highest impact marketing activity that any company can do and it comes nearly cost free!
  • Learn the dramatic impact of “marketing to your own staff” and how this can impact morale, performance and decrease staff turn over
  • Discover how much you should be spending on marketing and how to create an effective marketing plan and strategy
  • Tips for getting work from insurance companies and how to get on and stay on vendor programs
  • Learn key marketing activities for your entire management team to increase marketing impact and increase revenue
  • New trends in marketing and restoration and how this impacts your organization.
  • Plus much, much more …
Remember that you do not have to register at Connections to attend this targeted, hard-hitting ICS sponsored seminar. Thanks to the generous support of ICS and R&R magazines, the program is free and open to all carpet cleaning and restoration professionals AND there will be no high pressure sales pitches either!

NOTE: If you can’t make it to the seminar many of the concepts and tools that Phil and Steve will share can also be found at www.StrategiesForSuccess.com.